Love Island All Stars memes

23 memes about Love Island All Stars that prove this show might not flop after all

Welcome back Love Island Twitter oh how we’ve missed you

Honestly, just when you think Love Island is a bit dead in the water – Twitter / X and the stupidly hilarious memes that come from Love Island fans on there makes you realise the show’s worth bothering with after all. People are just too damn fast, and Love Island Twitter has honestly never been funnier when it’s not just the start of a new series, but one with contestants we already know and love/hate – with a bank of funny things we know about them to play with. With the series off to a pretty iconic start after last night, here’s a roundup of the funniest memes from the Love Island All Stars premiere!

1. Sick, twisted, evil – loving it x

2. ITV kinda shut us up tbh

3. Like??? They’re literally besties

4. It’s a cruel, cruel world for Ar Lib

5. I just know she was howling

6. A potential mother

7. Erm and she put Stephen Bear IN JAIL

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