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horror film checklist 2023

So you’re a horror fan? Let’s see if you’ve watched the 40 essential films in this checklist

You loved our first 60 essential movies, so here’s 40 more

This time last year, I wrote a checklist of 60 essential horror films that I, a huge horror fan, think any self respecting huge horror fan should have definitely watched. It went down a storm, and it’s my favourite thing to send to literally anyone who asks for a horror recommendation. But one year on, most of your should have fully ticked them all off by now. So what better time than to bring out the horror film checklist 2023 and give you another 40 films that absolutely need to be watched this Halloween! This now takes the total of films up to 100, and I don’t know a better marathon to get done this Halloween weekend. I’ve filled this 40 with more niche options than last year’s 60, with some classics, some modern bangers destined to be classics and some niche faves that I think are more than essential.

This horror film checklist is bang up to date with the two 2023 essentials, too – Talk To Me and Evil Dead Rise, both of which I think are absolute blasts. The Exorcist III with THAT jump scare, the cunty corpse from It Follows and Megan Fox slaying the house down boots in the under appreciated and now adored Jennifer’s Body – have fun ticking off these 40 classics you need to get watching as the spooky season takes full throttle this weekend. God, I love this time of year as much as Tree loves being iconic in Happy Death Day.

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