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Buffy cast transformations

A look at the wild transformations of the Buffy cast, 26 years after they first slayed

Ageless queen Sarah Michelle Gellar will always be mother

Buffy the Vampire Slayer first slayed us into the ground 26 years ago, and since then the cast of the game-changing show have never been far from our minds. They’ve all been up to all sorts, from Sarah Michelle Gellar being declared mother by my friend and going viral for it (whilst I sit right next to him and witness it all, might I add) to Anthony Head killing it on Ted Lasso and Alyson Hannigan getting cast on the next season of Dancing With The Stars. With the news that Buffy is coming back via an Audible exclusive series entered on Spike arriving yesterday, what better a time to look back over the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s transformations since the show first began?

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Buffy Summers

Buffy cast transformations

Via WB / @sarahmgellar

The mother herself has never been far from the limelight of Buffy, and of all the cast transformations it makes sense that SMG is still killing it in the fashion game. Her Instagram is full of iconic fashion and Buffy throwbacks.

Alyson Hannigan – Willow Rosenberg

Buffy cast transformations

Via WB / ABC

Baby faced Alyson Hannigan of course played Willow, Buffy’s shy best friend who grew into a powerful witch and gave the world one of the most groundbreaking first queer storylines on mainstream television. Alyson has just signed up to Dancing With The Stars season 32 – her promo pic is giving GLAM.

Nicholas Brendon – Xander Harris

Buffy cast transformations

Via WB / @nicholabrendon

Nicky completed the bestie trio on Buffy as the hapless Xander, the heart of the group. He’s had a troubled time since the show that’s been well documented, but if his Instagram is anything to go by he’s in a happier place these days and has been cracking on with lots of art.

Charisma Carpenter – Cordelia Chase

Via WB / @charismacarpenter

You can’t help but say “Slay”. Wow. Eternally youthful queen of both Buffy AND Angel. She deserves the world. Icon.

Anthony Head – Rupert Giles

Via WB / Apple

You can’t help but say “Slay”. Wow. Eternally youthful queen of both Buffy AND Angel. She deserves the world. Icon.

Anthony Head – Rupert Giles

Via WB / Apple

The heartthrob of a generation David Boreanaz played the sexy vampire with a soul on Buffy, before legging it to LA after season three for his own spin off. He’s just always been VERY sexy. He’s currently on the SAG AFTRA strikes. King.

Seth Green – Oz

Buffy cast transformations

Via WB / Shutterstock

Seth Green always looked so young on Buffy (short king) so of all the cast transformations it’s jarring to see him looking like such a grown man. All smart on the red carpet!

Emma Caulfield – Anya Jenkins

Buffy cast transformations

Via WB / @emmacaulfieldofficial

The blunt queen herself Anya Jenkins, played amazingly by Emma Caulfield. Emma still slays. She was in WandaVision and is set to appear in the Agatha Harkness spin off, Darkhold Diaries.

James Marsters – Spike

Via WB / @jamesmarsters

James Marsters stole hearts, of fans and the Slayer herself, as Spike – the villain turned hero. James also had a big role in Torchwood for BBC, the Doctor Who spinoff. Yesterday, EW confirmed he’s going to be leading the Audible Buffy spinoff and returning as Spike. HYPED.

Amber Benson – Tara Maclay

Buffy cast transformations

Via WB / @rebma_nosneb

Amber Benson of course played Tara, Willow’s soulmate and the softly spoken wise owl of the group. Amber Benson has been killing it as a writer – she’s penned the new Buffy Audible spinoff!

Marc Blucas – Riley Finn

Via WB / @marcblucas11

Buffy’s most hated fella is fully in his farm dad era.

Michelle Trachtenberg – Dawn Summers

Via WB / @michelletrachtenberg

Buffy’s little sister is all grown up! When she isn’t Gossip Girling of course.

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