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‘What’s on your plate!?’: Where the inescapable TikTok sound actually comes from

Cheese and chapati is a wild combo

Another day, another TikTok sound that no one can move without being bombarded with. But I can’t lie, this one makes me feel super nostalgic and I am not mad at the way it literally lives inside my brain rent free. This week’s TikTok flavour of the month is a very upbeat, slightly terrifying song that asks “WHAT’S ON YOUR PLATE”, with two very different answers – here’s the origin of the sound in full.

It’s from an old CBeebies song

The What’s On Your Plate lunch time song from CBeebies is the origin of the viral TikTok audio. Obviously, the clip on TikTok hones in on the chaotic difference between the girl having cheese and chapati and the girl having skdhfbefbqkeudbqu – which roughly translates to “scrambled eggs and sausage”.

CBeebies used to use the song, sang by Andy Day, to promote Discover + Do on the channel and it’d play between episodes of your fave shows. I’m sure they had no intention of people on TikTok memeing it into oblivion a decade or more later, but here we are and such is the internet.

How is it being used on TikTok?


In my head 24/7

♬ original sound – @Gabe7462

One of the most common prompts people are using the sound with is using a “what I think I sound like” VS “what I actually sound like” formula to compare chapati girl with jumbled up words girl. I can’t lie, it’s funny. Here are some of the best.


im just too excited #comedy#relatable#fyp#bestfriend

♬ original sound – @Gabe7462


I bet the bar staff despise me 😭 #fyp #xyzcba #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #foryoupage #makeitred

♬ original sound – @Gabe7462

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