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There’s a rumoured cast for Drag Race UK Vs the World 2 circulating and it’s PERFECT

Choriza May and Tia Kofi on the same season? Shaking!

Guys, not to cause international panic – but the word on the Drag Race internet street is that there’s a new season of UK Vs the World coming, and with such rumours comes a cast that the Nancy Drews on social media have started putting together with the bits of evidence they can gather online about what queens might be off for filming. This is all speculation right now, but we all know the Drag Race Reddit gays usually get it pretty much spot on. Filming allegedly started on the 5th February, so here’s who the fandom are saying are likely to be making up the cast of Drag Race UK Vs the World 2.

These are all rumours and this cast is alleged, so bear it in mind that things could change yet!

Arantxa Castilla-La Mancha 🇪🇸 – Drag Race España season one

The self-proclaimed ‘Spanish Hannah Montana’ was a fan fave on Drag Race España season one, and fans will be cooped if the rumours are true and she’s in the cast of Drag Race UK Vs the World 2. She has allegedly been inactive on socials since 5th Feb.

Choriza May 🇬🇧🇪🇸 – Drag Race UK season three

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, hate me because I’m an immigrant!” Choriza May became an instant fan fave on her season with that entrance line, and let’s face it: She was done dirty. She’s been thriving since her season, though – and even guest judged on season two of Drag Race España. If she is on this season it will be iconic. She’s been inactive since Feb 5th also.

Gothy Kendoll 🇬🇧 – Drag Race UK season one

The first ever queen to sashay away from Drag Race UK is alleged to be back for another go, and considering we barely got to see her on the show I’m really hyped to see what she brings if the rumours are true. Inactive on socials since Feb 5th also!

Hannah Conda 🇦🇺 – Drag Race Down Under season two

Hannah Conda absolutely smashed season two of Drag Race Down Under and came very close to snatching the crown – so the girls of UK Vs the World 2 should be nervous if these rumours are true! Again, inactive on socials since Feb 5th.

Jonbers Blonde 🇬🇧🇮🇪 – Drag Race UK season four

One of the more recent runners up, Jonbers Blonde got to the final of season four of Drag Race UK and was clearly loved by Mama Ru on her season. A bit of an icon, would love to see her back! Inactive on socials since Feb 5th.

Keta Minaj 🇳🇱 – Drag Race Holland season two

Keta Minaj was on the second season of Drag Race Holland, where she finished fourth with three maxi challenge wins. She’s been inactive on the socials since Feb 5th, and also goes by the iconic name The Dutchess for those that don’t know!

La Grande Dame 🇫🇷 – Drag Race France season one

La Grande Dame was a runner up on the inaugural season of Drag Race France, and has also been inactive on socials since 5th Feb!

Marina Summers 🇵🇭 – Drag Race Philippines season one

The second place finalist of Drag Race Philippines is the next queen rumoured to be cast on UK Vs the World 2, and she’s a fierce competitor for sure. She’s also been inactive on socials since Feb 5th.

Miz Cracker 🇺🇸 – Drag Race season 10 and All Stars 5

Thin, white and salty is back again! After Miz Cracker came runner up on both her seasons prior, will this be her chance to win the whole thing if all the rumours prove true?

Scarlet Envy 🇺🇸 – Drag Race season 11 and All Stars 6

Is she the drama? I don’t think she’s the drama! Maybe she is! Is she the VILLAIN? Our viral queen got done dirty on both of her seasons of Drag Race, so hoping and praying these rumours are true and she comes back for justice.

Tia Kofi 🇬🇧 – Drag Race UK season two

I am ready for the Tia Kofi renaissance. QUEEN! A lot of people should be scared here, and I’ll name them.

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