The 15 best fashion moments from season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race

Bury me in Sasha Colby’s puffer look

All the runways of Drag Race season 15 are finished, and besides the finale we’ve seen the fashion moments we’re going to see. It’s been a fun season filled with high drag – so in honour of season 15, here are my personal 15 favourite gagworthy fashion moments the queens served us on the runway, in challenges and beyond during this year’s flagship Drag Race. And yes, before you wonder, Sasha Colby dominates. Obvs.

15. Loosey LaDuca’s ‘Beautiful Nightmare’ runway

Feel like this is a bit of a forgotten gem when it comes with season 15 Drag Race fashion moments, and Beautiful Nightmare was such a strong category – but Loosey Laduca gave her best look of the season with this Jason inspired splashed up denim horror show. Into it!

14. Sasha Colby’s ‘Who Is She?’ Runway

Drag Race season 15 fashion

A mothering occurred when Sasha Colby walked the season’s first runway in the dress that won her the esteemed Miss Continental prize – good for the environment, good for a crown.

13. Mistress Isabelle Brooks’ ‘Who Is She?’ Runway

Drag Race season 15 fashion

Hey mother DJ put a record on I wanna dance with my bayb-bee! Absolutely LOVE this look, high drag, sexy, camp, glamorous – Mistress made a stan out of me on day one.

12. Sasha Colby’s ‘Everybody Say Glove’ Runway

Leatherface slay!!!!!

11. Sasha Colby’s performance look

Only Sasha Colby could wear a simple look like this and literally look like the sexiest woman on the planet. Pammy is shaking. I too feel like I might be a lesbian.

10. Malysia Babydoll Foxx’s ‘Puffer Please!’ runway

Drag Race season 15 fashion

A forgotten gem, in my opinion. This is so elevated and gorgeous – the best she ever looked. Every detail is lovely.

9. Sasha Colby’s ‘Beautiful Nightmare’ runway

From here on out, every outfit is a 10/10. The fact this isn’t top shows the calibre – because this orante horror witch look is museum worthy. It’s giving Cher Lloyd doing Stay on X Factor Halloween week.

8. Luxx Noir London’s Haus of Visage runway

I mean, come on. A main pop girl moment if ever I saw one. We would all buy her album. Sasha literally committed to every runway and delivered the theme elevated and interestingly.

6. Luxx Noir London’s ‘Everybody say glove!’ runway

Drag Race season 15 fashion

Beyond cool! Beyond inventive! Glove theme interpreted as broken arm casts? Come on now. Made me a solidified proud member of the Luxx Nation.

5. Luxx Noir London’s ‘Beautiful Nightmare’ runway

Looking like she dragged herself out of the pond from Netflix’s The Haunting of Bly Manor, Luxx really said how versatile she was with this look and proved she’s unafraid to be truly terrifying as well as high glamour.

4. Sasha Colby’s ‘Puffer please’ runway

Remember when I said Sasha Colby takes every runway theme and does something completely elevated and original? Well here you are! Gaga wishes she had this circa 2010.

3. Anetra’s ‘Crystallised eleganza’ runway

Drag Race season 15 fashion

Not since A’Whora’s blue supershero moment have we seen such an amazing look made in that Werk Room – the way the back had a crystal spine? Jaws on the floor.

2. Sasha Colby’s ‘Tie-dye for’ runway

Drag Race season 15 fashion

Kind of the pinnacle of anything you’d ever want from a Drag Race fashion moment, and one of the best of season 15 thanks to its mix of camp, high fashion, detail and execution. Perfection. Not a note.

1. Sasha Colby’s alien look