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Meet Julie Ragbeer: The girl who’s gone viral after allegedly paying for a promo tweet

She’s accidentally become a new pop icon and Twitter is obsessed

In the way things only can happen on Twitter / X, meet Julie Ragbeer – the girly who allegedly paid for ThePopTingz to promote her album with a tweet and has found herself a viral icon and the centre of many, many memes because of it. If you’ve seen the name Julie Ragbeer all over your timelines and wonder why you’ve never heard of her – you aren’t alone. But who exactly is Julie Ragbeer and why is she viral?

Pop Tingz, aka @ThePopTingz – an account in the same vein of PopCrave or PopBase, tweeted out that Julie Ragbeer “reminisces with her 19 year old experiences in her new debut album.” It’s funny from the start that one look of Julie Ragbeer on Spotify tells you that this debut album, Perplex, came out in July 2023 and is nearly a year old rather than new. What raised more suspicious is that Julie Ragbeer had about 100 followers on Twitter / X when it was tweeted – suggesting that she might have allegedly paid the account for some promo. I’m not sure if Julie Ragbeer was expecting it, but this decision has made her a viral queen on stan and gay twitter – with everyone knowing who she is, and if they don’t they’re trying to find out.

Perplex, the album Julie is promoting, has very few streams but since she’s gone viral it’s getting way more. The music is… interesting. The track titles include “Fight Against Your Fleshy Lusts” and my personal favourite, Mary Whiton Calkins: A song that sounds Rihanna Anti-era adjacent and is lyrically an ode to the American philosopher and psychologist of the same name. Deep stuff.

Here’s the music video for single Older Guys:

The memes are hilarious, and help explain the gist of who Julie Ragbeer is and why she’s gone viral so here are some of the funniest.

If you need more insight into the wonder of Julie Ragbeer, she’s done a thread on Twitter / X where she goes through her viral album track by track. It’s a great starting point for new fans of The Ragbeer.

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