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Fortnite update delay

Today’s Fortnite update is delayed until tomorrow at the last minute – here’s why

My impatience is killing me

Today (Tuesday 16th May) was meant to be the final update for Chapter 4 Season 2 of Fortnite – but at the last minute, even whilst downtime had began, the Fortnite official Status Twitter account and the main game account announced that the release of the update has been pushed back with an aim of tomorrow, May 17th, instead. But why? Fans are obviously disgruntled – we were all up refreshing the leakers Twitter accounts for cosmetics previews if your mornings on update day are anything like mine. Here’s all we know about the reasons why the Fortnite update got a last minute delay.

Ranked mode causing problems, perhaps?

The official announcement from @FortniteStatus reads “We will now be targeting May 17th for the release of v24.40 alongside the newly announced Ranked. We’ll provide another update with details about v24.40’s expected downtime as we have it.”

This news is a bit late in the game for a change, so it is a shock. I personally though would rather Epic Games take an extra day to make sure their new features are ready to go on launch – I think that’s much better than the amount of times they’ve launched stuff that they’ve then had to disable and take back to the drawing board. Cough, cough, hurdling… Yes, I am looking at you. Chapter 2 Season 5 sand tunnelling you aren’t safe either and I’m also looking sternly at you.

Anyway, stay tuned tomorrow morning for updates on the leaks and what’s coming with the final update of the chapter when we have them – and possibly even more answers on what caused the last minute Fortnite update delay.


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