Let Loose! How Loosey LaDuca’s Drag Race talent show became the viral song of the summer

Have you remembered to Let Loose today?

There is nothing I love more than an accidentally hilarious disaster – enter Let Loose by Loosey LaDuca, the song the Drag Race season 15 belted out off key in the talent show premiere. It’s taken a while, but Let Loose has slowly climbed the ranks to become an iconic and ironic Drag Race masterpiece – and Twitter is full of everyone claiming this silly little bop for their memes. But how did Loosey LaDuca and her overblown screaming banger Let Loose go viral in the Drag Race fandom? Here’s the full story.


Loosey LaDuca narrowly dodged the bottom two for her talent show performance of Let Loose when season 15 kicked off, a pitchy and overblown song that aimed for Jantasy by Jan on All Stars 6 but didn’t quite land.

Now though, Let Loose and all its deeply extra charm are a meme that will be up there with a highlight of this season, made only all the better thanks to Loosey LaDuca and her competitive nature.

The distorted edits are literally killing me off too…

Everyone’s getting creative and I’m loving every single Let Loose meme, especially ones that reference cinematic excellence and seminal horror MA.

Next year’s Grammys are absolutely shaking.

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