Nick The Apprentice Glastonbury

Erm, Nick from The Apprentice was pulling pints at Glasto?

The vibes are immaculate

Not a day goes by where I don’t long for the cast of The Apprentice 2022 to be back on my screens. For some inexplicable reason, they were this immaculate little god tier of icons that rivalled the likes of Gemma Collins’ season of Celebrity Big Brother – and no one knows why. You rarely remember such a hefty amount of the cast of The Apprentice once they’ve had the Sugar finger pointed in their face, and yet the 2022 bunch have endured. And just when they start to fall out of your mind, someone’s spotted Nick Showering from The Apprentice pulling pints at Glastonbury.

A Glasto attendee tweeted a pic of Nick looking particularly chuffed (and admittedly deeply sexy, dare I say) saying “Nick from the last season of The Apprentice just served me a cider at Glastonbury. RIP Lord Sugar’s millions.” Not the mot accurate tweet ever considering Nick didn’t even get to the final for a whiff of the Sugar investment, but still – we got an iconic visual out of it.

Nick actually has stakes in his own cider business, so in the replies of the tweet old Apprentice viewers speculated on what he might be doing at Worthy Farm. The general consensus is that he was getting stuck right in. Brothers cider was actually founded by the Showering brothers, so Nick has a direct link to that drinks brand. Why he needed an investment from Lord Sugar when he already had a massively successful brand in his own family is beyond me, but hey ho.

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Photo credit via Twitter.