Everything wrong with Growing Together, The Sims 4’s new expansion pack

Oh yay, a gorgeous pier my Sims can do absolutely nothing on!

The Sims 4 has 14 Expansion Packs. 14. That is an extremely major amount of content released for a game that has been with us since 2014 – and it costs a hell of a lot of money to buy all these additions to The Sims 4 if you were to drop in and decided you needed every single bit of kit the Sims 4 is offering you, you’d end up spending near enough a grand. 1000 English pounds for a hollow simulation game that picks and chooses when it even works. Trauma! The Sims 4 Growing Together is not worth its big price point – here’s everything wrong with the new Expansion Pack.

The world

The new world of San Sequoia is the biggest misfire in Growing Together. Despite being made entirely by Simmers from the community who are popular online, the world feels empty and hollow. Not only is it yet another world that just resembles America – this time themed around San Francisco. We’re bored and we’re tired of constant American worlds!

There’s nothing to do IN the world

Not only is the world something that’s playing it safe, but the world is absolutely dead. Take for example the pier area, which looks beautiful with a nice restaurant on it and lovely vibes. Sims can go on it, but why would they? There’s not a single thing to do on there. You can’t visit the restaurant – nor even sit on its chairs outside. The pier doesn’t have a bench and you can’t fish off it. If you have Island Living, you can’t use any of the water activities. So WHY does it even exist?

The grandad from the trailer is no longer in the family

I know this is a nitpick, but like… did he die? What’s going on?

CAS comes with no shoes

Shall we just stomp around barefoot… or?

Build mood doesn’t really match

A lot of fun and nice stuff here but like nothing matches? Does this all work in harmony with everything? Beyond the amazing tree house where the hell is all the children’s stuff?

No new career?

This is an expansion pack, not a game pack… and there’s not a single career. Why? We need more.


I mean, as always. Watching Sims clip through each other as they shimmy up treehouse stairs is a horrifying sight.

All in all, this most things wrong with Sims 4 Growing Together are because it feels like something that should have been how the Sims 4 was on launch, and not nearly nine years down the line of it existing. Over it.


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