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MAFS UK 2022 cast now

A year on from the chaos, here’s what the legendary 2022 cast of MAFS UK are up to now

Of course they’ve all gone on a Virgin Voyages influencer cruise

It’s no secret that 2022 was the year where Married at First Sight UK really stepped its game up – the MAFS machine became the Love Island rival and bettered it in pretty much every way. All of this was quite simply down to the cast. In the immortal words of Kim Woodburn: “GREAT script, GREAT cast.” But what are all the faves from the MAFS UK 2022 cast up to now, one year on from the madness and as we sit on the cliff edge of the 2023 season? I’ve got you covered.


Chant was one of the least problematic and most wholesome cast members of the 2022 lot, with everyone rooting for her and Jordan all season long to make it. Although her and Jordan didn’t work out, she’s still living her best life at festivals and getting press invites to Barbie screenings. Love it for her.


Jordan has been keeping up the vibes on Insta since MAFS UK, just having a good ol’ time with the newfound fame being on a big UK dating show gets you. He’s just been on one of the Virgin Voyages cruises like every other influencer in the country – classic move.


April was up to all sorts of drama when in the cast of MAFS UK 2022, like her now infamous feud with Thomas and her, erm, less than great marriage to George. Now she’s hitting up all the London premieres, slaying the seas at the Meg 2 one and still keeping up with her flying (she flies planes for fun!).


George hasn’t posted on social media in 44 weeks – he last said he was going to be speaking his truth but nothing came of it.

Jenna and Zoe

The ONLY MAFS UK success story from 2022 – it’s so great to see Jenna and Zoe thriving. They’re so loved up! They’re also Virgin Voyaging, of course – and they both just did Manchester Pride. Zoe walked past me at one point actually.


A controversial character after his comments he made about what he was attracted to in a woman, Johnathan’s dramas seem to have blown over as he’s set sail on, you guess it: A Virgin Voyages cruise. CLASSIC.

Sophie and Adrian

Obviously these two weren’t a couple, but the friendship has really endured. Sophie and Adrian have been at every press event under the sun since their MAFS UK time – including a Virgin Voyages cruise. I know, I’d never have guessed it. They do all make it look amazing to be fair.


Since Thomas and Adrian’s marriage didn’t work out, our Scouse queen has been curating his craft as drag persona Pam Sandwich. Pam’s thriving, currently doing a few gigs alongside Drag Race UK season two’s Sister Sister. They’re playing The Glory in London soon!


Matt, who was with Gemma before a scandalous cheating moment with Whitney and then saw him couple up with the latter instead – seriously rocking the boat, has changed his old crap hair and looks a lot better to be fair to him. He’s also got a new girlfriend and they seem really happy.


But Gemma got her happy ending too! Thank god, she deserves it. Gemma’s so loved up now with new boyfriend after a year of chaos and emotions – and health scares. She’s been really transparent about the stuff she went through following the show so it’s great to see her doing better.


Whitney’s been throwing shade at her marriage on the show saying she had to go and redo her safari honeymoon because the “dead chat” ruined it the first time. Fair play, love.


Duke’s been posting fitness updates and gym collars with some chatty Insta vids about various topics. Seems to be happy, and if he’s happy – I’m happy. God bless.


Kwame’s got a new girlfriend. Need to know if he took her to the park bench.


Kasia’s been literally living her best life since Kwame mugged her off on that park bench. Here she is vibing beyond belief at Carnival last week. That’s mother.


Pjay’s gone private on Instagram, so no clue. But hope he’s doing alright!


The marriage to Pjay didn’t work out, but she’s a dental hygienist and is loving life. She’s been with her boyfriend a year now, too.


Richie’s threatening to release new music as of July. Rock on, diva.


Lara’s turning 51 and is slaying whilst doing so. Madonna in the Jump video vibes!

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