Drag Race reunions ranked

Every RuPaul’s Drag Race reunion, ranked from the dreary to the dramatic

We should preserve season nine’s in a museum

Nothing says drama like a Drag Race reunion, and over the years the reunion episodes of a season have provided some of the most quotable and chaotic drama in Drag Race herstory. They were here, they went, the came back – but when they’re good, they’re truly great. Here’s the definitive ranking you need in your life of all RuPaul’s Drag Race reunions – ranked from the truly dreary to the explosively dramatic.

I’ve not included any reunion that takes place during a live finale – because it isn’t the same and we all know it. But if you really want to know, all of that ilk would be at the bottom.

11. Season 13

Not only was it virtual, but it also… was boring. So boring. One of the most boring hours of television you could ever watch. I can’t believe I have to even consider it in the same breath as some of the best ways you could hope to spend an hour. An endurance task.

10. Season 15

Something about this season’s reunion just did not hit. Why? Why wasn’t this explosive chaos? This is a messy cast of queens who love drama – so why weren’t we gagging and chuckling til the brown cow stunnings come home? Who can say. It felt so long. It felt so safe, like all the queens were competing to be America’s sweetheart. Come on Mistress, cause some shit!

9. Season 12

I’ll give this one a pass over the other two because wow what a cast, and they were doing the best they could with unprecedented pandemic circumstances. Obviously it was hardly as good as normal reunions. By season 13 they should have got their arse in gear, but at least this gave us deranged luchadore Ru.

8. All Stars 2

Drag Race reunions ranked

Of all the Drag Race reunions ranked here, it’s All Stars 2 that should have proved to be the most dramatic. But with A lot of the season’s drama centred around Jaremi (FKA Phi Phi O’Hara) and him deciding to veto appearing, the wind was taken from the sails. I get why Jaremi did it, but he was instrumental in the season’s arc so without him it feels like there’s a hole.

7. Season 11

Drag Race reunions ranked

Literally nothing of note happens here except the lore of Ra’Jah robbing one of Ariel Versace’s wigs.

6. Season 14

Drag Race reunions ranked

Of course, this one debuts the huge fight between Jasmine Kennedie and Daya Betty, a brawl that was bubbling all season. It’s good TV, but there’s something about season 14’s reunion that feels manufactured to me – like a cheap shot at trying to get one of the early reunion’s energy back. It doesn’t fully land for me, but I’d rather it be like this than boring so fair play to everyone for giving it some.

5. Season 10

A memorable one for sure, but not really for the best reasons. The drama here is big, but it never feels fun. It’s really sad. It’s sad watching The Vixen feel like she has to walk out and not come back, and it’s sad seeing Asia get so upset. Even the Kameron drama doesn’t feel fun to watch. Ranked it higher than all below it for the memorability and it is an important Drag Race episode but it’s not one where watching it back feels like fun and laughter.

4. Season three

Drag Race reunions ranked

Just a historical bit of television, to be honest. Of all the Drag Race reunions ranked here, season three is a good example of how to do entertaining amicably. The Heathers VS Boogers beef is resolved and everyone mostly has a merry old time. Delta is in a dress of mould. Happy days.

3. Season two

One of the most vicious hours of TV you could ever hope to see. “Your insides are dark and nasty”… jaws were on the floor. Pure venom.

2. Season one

I actually think the low res Tammie Brown visual makes this even more iconic. Season one reunion is so perfect because no one had ever done it before, of all the Drag Race reunions ranked here it is the one without limits or filter. RuPaul and Tammie literally fight. RuPaul gets angry and Tammie doesn’t care – because Ru isn’t this ‘above it all’ host at this point. The queens scrap with Santino about their clothes. Shannel tells him they’re 1000 dollar pants and he tells her she paid too much. I could watch it forever.

1. Season nine

I don’t know what was in the World of Wonder waters that day, but the season nine cast walked into that studio and said we’re going to make history. So much happens in one reunion I find it hard to believe that it’s actually all in the same one. The whole Miss Congeniality / Fan favourite debacle. Shea’s “Do I look upset to you”. “You didn’t say JK though”. Charlie Hides’ nonsense about the lip syncing. “You don’t love me.” HISTORY.

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