Love Island 2023 Casa Amor ranking

Ranking all the Love Islanders by how main character they are at Casa Amor 2023

Sammy and Montel are Tyrique’s minions

Has Casa Amor 2023 been a success for Love Island? Hard to say. My gut says no. Against all odds, this summer season has been nothing short of amazing. Drama every episode, iconic Islanders, shock exits and chaotic decisions. All eyes were on Casa Amor to back up this level of slappage, but it’s never quite been there. Still, the OG Islanders have still managed to make it all about them – naturally – so here’s a ranking of which of them are most main character during Love Island Casa Amor 2023.

Disclaimer: I’m not including any of the new Casa Islanders. Why? By nature they are literally not main character. They are professional side characters begging to be a main character when they go back to the villa. For that reason, they’re snubbed.

13. Leah

Nothing Leah does is ever even the slightest bit main character. So far she’s spent Casa Amor holding back a tear on a daybed saying she misses Montel. As usual, we’re bored shitless.

12. Jess

Love Island 2023 Casa Amor ranking

Jess did some dabbling with a few of the Casa lads shoved her way, but she’s spent most of this time unarsed and pining for Sammy. A decision I have got used to from her, but not one I fear I will ever understand.

11. Scott

My little prince Scott isn’t main character at all, but this is doing him favours. Mature and not bowing to the insane peer pressure of Tyrique, Scott is chilling throughout Casa and looking all the better for it. I need him and Catherine to get it together as a matter of urgency and win the whole show.

10. Kady

Considering she’s the famous Love Island legend Kady McDermott of season two fame, it’s bizarre how little ripples or splash Kady has made in Casa Amor 2023 and she’s ranking low because of it. Side character for real.

9. Montel

Love Island 2023 Casa Amor ranking

Love Island 2023 Casa Amor ranking

Love Island 2023 Casa Amor ranking

Falling in the middle of the Love Island Casa Amor 2023 main character ranking is Zachariah, who is somewhat of one through no doing of his own. Beyond the fact he’s fit and has lured in girlies who fancy him, Zach barely says a word. He can hardly string a sentence together right now and can only manage the word broski.

7. Mitchel

There is something to be said about Mitch’s main character ability considering the fact he’s had airtime for over 30 episodes and has remained in the villa despite not having a love interest since Molly ditched him in week one. Abi seems to really fancy him so perhaps the only way is up for ar baby Mitch.

6. Sammy

Just had to stop writing for 10 minutes to shudder at the picture above. Sammy’s had loads of airtime throughout Casa Amor 2023 but I’m refusing to put him any higher in the Love Island ranking because I know it’s what he wants. He’s necking three girls for attention and I won’t give him a crumb. What are these lasses seeing that is going over my head? He looks like Sandy Cheeks from SpongeBob.

5. Whitney

Love Island 2023 Casa Amor ranking

I love that everything Whitney does ends up being main character whether she intended it to be that way or not. I need her and Lochan to fall in love and I need it NOW.

4. Molly

I hate to credit Molly for being main character, a title she is so desperate to hold, but when you pull off a stunt like flying back to the UK and then coming back for Casa and making it all about you, I’m afraid the facts are facts and she’s achieved her goal somewhat. Pains me to say it, it really does.

3. Ella

The producers sending in Ella’s real world crush into Casa Amor to ensure she was teased from Tyrique and made her literally centre of the drama and attention was a stroke of genius. I stan my queen and having her main charactering it up looks good on her. Legend.

2. Catherine

Destroying any boring allegations without even trying, queen Catherine stormed in and got Elom on strings in seconds. I need her to stop necking him and remember the gorgeous Scott in main villa, but she was centre of attention in Casa and it is what she deserves.

1. Tyrique

When I say Tyrique is the main character of Casa Amor, I mean it derogatory. I think in his mind he’s been innocent and a good boy, but he is Satan right now in the eyes of the public. The Jake Cornishisation of Love Island men who encourage the other lads to kiss and fool around at Casa are beyond belief – and after last night’s shenanigans Tyrique has centred himself as the Islander with all eyes on him going forward. Roll the movie night tapes, that’s all I’m going to say.

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