Love Island 2023 first episode ranking

Ranking all the Love Island 2023 cast by how iconic they were in episode one

Jess an instant icon I fear

It’s back, and it’s… kind of the same as always! Yep, Love Island 2023 is back for its summer of drama, and despite the fact I spent the last few weeks eye-rolling into oblivion at the thought of having to write about the second season in a year I actually thought the much maligned and normally dreaded first episode to be surprisingly good? I wasn’t completely bored, I laughed aloud TWICE and I think they’ve cast quite a likeable bunch! Who’d have thought it! With all that said, I’ve got thoughts. Here’s my Love Island 2023 first episode ranking by how iconic I deem the Islanders after only spending a measly 90 minutes with them. Let’s go.

11. George

… Anyway.

10. Ruchee

She keeps going on about liking “traditional” things with guys, and not gonna lie – it’s giving Tory.

9. Ella

An iconic entrance look it must be said, but when your most memorable antics in the episode were just bringing up reminders of your ex I dunno if I’m fully convinced yet unfortunately. Although the entire saga of her remembering Tyrique from a night out and he not having a clue is a little bit comedy gold.

8. André

Nah I’m sorry but between the face he pulled during the game and the fact he said “I love bum bum” I just know I’m going to spend the next eight weeks cringing.

7. Zachariah

Obviously not much to go on here, such is the nature of the episode one bombshell, but all I can say is I will be ready for him with open arms, an open heart and open [redacted].

6. Tyrique

He blamed the fact he didn’t remember Ella on her hair. That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard sorry! Iconic behaviour from him, can’t wait to see if he will fulfil his prophecy and take his place amongst the ranks of Destiny’s Chaeldish.

5. Molly

Whilst I was proven absolutely correct when I guess from her promo pic last week that Molly has no capacity of being able to use an inside voice – I was pleasantly won over by her. I feel like her and Mitchel have legs and I’m kind of shipping them. I’m a soft soul at heart, and whilst I generally have an aversion to theatre types I do also naturally warm to the northerners. Not a bad showing for the episode one Love Island 2023 ranking.

4. Mitchel

Refusing to acknowledge any Luca Bish comparisons with this one. He is my man. My northern tradie hunk who is cheeky, charming and likeable! Winning formula. Him and Molly are endgame for me, argue amongst yourselves.

3. Mehdi

A lot of whispers and titters about the potential fruitiness of Mehdi – I personally am all for it. I love having a Barb in the villa. Someone send a carrier pigeon in to let him know Nicki’s released the album date as a matter of urgency.

2. Catherine

An instant gorgeous icon that I can’t get enough of. Face card absolutely never declines. I am ready to stan.

1. Jess

It was an iconic line, and one that set Jess up for greatness from the get go. I love her. I was fearing we were gonna be fighting for our lives when she got matched with George but once she pied him off I felt the relief wash over me. Her icon era begins now.

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