Why is everyone on TikTok saying ‘you don’t have this emoji’ and how do I get it?

No, I don’t have this emoji and I want to know WHY

Right now, everyone’s TikTok comment sections are filled with people saying “you don’t have this emoji” and a weird smiling whilst sweating emoji with a triangle over it. If you’re here because you’re stressed that you do in fact not have this emoji and want to know why everyone else does then same, but the way to get it is actually quite easy.

The emoji obviously doesn’t exist in your standard emoji keyboard, so here is exactly what you need to do to be able to get it, and annoy everyone else as much as they’ve been annoying you. Enjoy!

You don't have this emoji and face and triangle trend on TikTok in comments section

So, why is everyone on TikTok saying ‘you don’t have this emoji’ and how do I do it?

There’s not much reasoning behind this trend, other than it is just that – a weird trend. It’s just a meme going around, that attempts to make it look like some users have access to “illegal” emojis and have “secret emoji codes”. You’ll be pleased to know though, you definitely don’t need a confusing code to get in on the trend yourself.

The most simple way of getting the emoji for yourself is a quick copy and paste job. Hold down someone else commenting “you don’t have this emoji” with the face and triangle on a TikTok, wait until it comes up with the option “copy” then wherever you want to put it, go on the comments section, tap the add comment box and hit “paste”.

Yep, that really is all there is to it. Or, you can enter the emoji you want followed by the code [triangle] to get that triangle to go over any other emoji you want it to.

However, a lot of people are getting annoyed at how messy and overcome comment sections are, and are blocking some words and phrases from their comment sections. If you too are, there’s a simple way to stop people commenting this phrase on your posts. Click onto your profile and click through to the profile settings screen. There, you choose “privacy and safety” and then “filter comments” and then you can select “filter by keywords”. Add the text you don’t want people to be able to comment.

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