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Love Is Blind season two stars Natalie and Shayne still beefing

‘Shut your mouth’: Three years on, Love Is Blind’s Shayne and Natalie are still beefing

This is SO messy

It might be three years since we saw them ~almost~ get married on Love Is Blind season two, but Shayne and Natalie are somehow still beefing one another. Since the show, they’ve been none stop in interviews, on podcasts, and in social media posts bad-mouthing each other and spilling about their relationship on the show.

Most recently, on a podcast Natalie hosts alongside fellow Love Is Blind season two cast member Deepti Vempati, the women were discussing the previous season of the show. They spoke about how finances had come up a lot for the season five couples.

“Keeping secrets about finances is not ok,” Natalie said. “I’m going to be real, Shayne did that to me in the pods, like it never played on TV because I didn’t want to embarrass him in front of the cameras. I knew finances was a sensitive subject for him and I didn’t want him blowing up at me. But, he did keep things from me, and did lie about things like salary.

“After, after, after filming was when I found out the full truth and it was a real concern. If you lie about it now, what if we have financial issues in the future, are you going to hide them from me?”. Natalie went on to say finances is the “number one reason for divorce.”

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Shayne has clearly hinted that he thinks what Natalie has said about him is a lie, with a pretty aggy Instagram post featuring the video. In a post captioned: “She wish she said yes at the alter. SHUT YOUR MOUTH UP ABOUT ME”, Shayne has edited himself over the podcast clip.

He can be seen shaking his head and mocking a mouth moving up and down with his hands. At the end, he attached a clip of himself and Natalie together, where she says she wishes she’d said yes to him on their Love Is Blind wedding day.

Francesca Farago from Too Hot To Handle is in the comments section, and said: “Omg.. they’re STILL talking about you.. I’m sorry Shayne you don’t deserve that.”

Francesca Farago from Too Hot To Handle is in the comments section, and said: “Omg.. they’re STILL talking about you.. I’m sorry Shayne you don’t deserve that.”

After not getting married on the show, Shayne went on a podcast and said he and Natalie tried to make their relationship work “four times” but he got “fed up” in an argument, and they decided to end things.

However, Natalie said there were other reasons she and Shayne broke things off. In a statement she said she found “flirtatious messages between him and other women” and that was something she couldn’t get over. She also disputed his claim they tried to make the relationship work four times, saying they actually only tried twice after the show.

On the After the Altar episode of the show, it was revealed the woman in question was Shaina, who Shayne famously also had a connection with during Love Is Blind. Natalie claimed she had screenshots of the DMs that were “flirty”, but they were never shown.

Then, Shayne was in the cast of Netflix dating series Perfect Match, which caused further drama with Natalie, as it was claimed the filming clashed with when they had dated after the show.

Will it ever end?

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