How much the cast of Love Island 2023 can earn on Instagram

Revealed: The amount of cash the Love Island 2023 cast can earn on Instagram

Welcome to your new careers, guys

Love Island 2023 has created a new cohort of influencers as the cast embark into the world of working with brands and seeing how much they can earn on Instagram.

In the winter season earlier this year, it was revealed the cast were making less than ever on Instagram, following a year of lower viewing figures and a social media ban imposed on Islanders during the show. But, the cast of the summer series this year have seen pretty impressive follower growth, and can charge a lot for brands that want to work with them.

In figures sent to The Tab, Campfire has analysed the social media profiles of the contestants to predict how much each Islander could be charging brands per post on Instagram. It took into consideration total followers, follower increase and engagement rate to determine an approximate cost per post – here’s the ranking.

10. Lochan Nowacki – £800

The first in the list is Lochan, who despite having a shockingly low follower count still within 100k, can charge £800 per post. He’s obviously sharing lots of pictures with Whitney, so must have a very good engagement rate.

9. Sammy Root – £1,000

One half of the winning couple, Sammy, could make £1k per branded post on Instagram. Sammy currently has just under 400k followers, and all of his posts since the villa have been with Jess or other Islanders.

8. Abi Moores – £1,000

Abi might not have found love, or had anything but a pretty rough time in the villa, but she has made a potential career from the show. Abi was an influencer before the villa, but now she can charge a decent £1k per post.

7. Ella Barnes – £1,250

Ella B can also say she’s got a great career ahead of her from the villa. She left with Mitch, and a strong enough Insta game to charge £1,250 per post.

6. Mitchel Taylor – £1,500

If Messy Mitch wanted to try his hand at influencing since the show, he could charge £1,500 per post. He now has 300k followers.

5. Zachariah Noble – £1,500

Zach is another of the Love Island 2023 guys who could make serious bank from Instagram if he wanted to. I can see him and Molly doing couples’ adverts together and making a fortune. Right now, given his follower count of just under 500k and decent engagement rate, he can charge £1,500 per post.

4. Whitney Adebayo – £2,000

Up next is Whitney, who could currently charge up to £2k per post on Instagram, given her current follower count and engagement rate. Whitney doesn’t currently have many posts on Instagram, which means her engagement rate will have a high average, and she can make her account pretty lucrative.

3. Jess Harding – £2,000

Jess may have won the show, but she’s only third in the ranking of who can earn the most on Instagram. She can expect to charge brands around £2k per post to work with her, but she does also have the £50k from winning the show with Sammy, so she can’t complain!

2. Ella Thomas – £2,500

Ella was born for brand deals. Before the show she was working as a model, and has literally won awards in her career. Now, if she bags some adverts with brands she can charge £2,500 per post.

1. Molly Marsh – £3,000

Are we at all surprised that influencer girlie Molly Marsh has come out on top here? Whilst she might not have the most followers out of all the Love Island 2023 cast on Instagram, she has a loyal fan base which makes her engagement rate super high, so she can earn around £3k per Instagram post.

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