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Jimmy hits back at secret girlfriend claims during Love Is Blind season six

‘She’s making money off my name’: Jimmy hits back at ‘secret girlfriend’ during Love Is Blind

The girl in question thought her boyfriend had been on a business trip but he was actually in the pods

Love Is Blind season six star Jimmy Presnell has been forced to speak out after a TikTok went viral and people assumed he had a secret girlfriend whilst filming for the Netflix show.

Jimmy proposed to Chelsea Blackwell in episode four of the latest season, and also dated Jess Vestal in the pods, before ending that ahead of his proposal.

Someone on TikTok called Ryann Stringfellow posted a video accusing an unnamed contestant of dating her behind the scenes while filming the show. In the comments of the video, people were pointing fingers at Jimmy, and guessed the allegations had been made about him.


I cant imagine why he feels the need to explore his options when the universe meant for us to he together πŸ’” #loveisblindseason6 #loveisblindnetflix #loveisblind

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“Imagine my fucking surprise when I turn on the new season of Love Is Blind and see my fucking boyfriend,” the video said. “Are you shocked? Because I sure as hell am.” She then explained she was feeling “heartbreak, jealousy, shock and rage” at seeing an ex there. “Why the fuck is my man on TV?” she questioned. “And why the fuck is he on a dating show talking to other women?”

The video went on to say she is not going to disclose who the person is that she’s on about, because she still thinks “he’s the love of my life.” She also said she had been told by her boyfriend that he was on a business trip, so he couldn’t talk to her, but now believes he was filming for the show.

Her not saying anything didn’t stop people assuming who the video was about. “Oh this SO has Jimmy written all over it,” one person said. Another added that they “did the stalking on Insta” and found the only cast member the girl is following is Jimmy.

However, Jimmy posted a video response and said it’s definitely not him who she’s on about. “I don’t know this woman, I have never met this woman, it’s not true,” he said in the post captioned: “She was never my Megan Fox.”


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