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It turns out Olivia and Zara from Love Island 2023 have already known each other for years

And yet they’re in the villa pretending they’ve never met?

Revelation time: It looks as though OG Love Island 2023 cast member Olivia Hawkins and new bombshell Zara Lackenby-Brown already know each other. The girls have had a bit of drama on the show together already, so maybe this is all linked to some history we’re unaware of?

It turns out the girls have known each other for at least three years, and Zara has even told Olivia she “loves her” because they’re that close. Awkward. Some digging on Instagram shows they’ve been interacting like best mates since at least 2019.

In one interaction, Olivia commented on a picture of Zara saying it’s her “fave photo” of her, and Zara replied calling Olivia “my babes”. On another occasion, Olivia commented “unreal” on a picture of Zara, who replied “loving you”.

They’ve literally been commenting on each other’s posts for YEARS. This to me doesn’t sound like people who have never met?

Last night in the villa, Olivia and Zara had a bit of drama, which has left Love Island fans confused as to what’s going on between the two of them. In a game, Zara was asked to kiss the cheeks of the Islanders she thought were the most two-faced. Zara chose Olivia, who was obviously fuming about this. “I feel like she’s using me in her game,” Olivia said in the Beach Hut. “I feel like she wanted to humiliate me.”

Later in the game, the drama continued as Olivia was asked to “reveal a secret to the other Islanders”. She said: “Oh I’ve got a good one, I’m actually not two-faced I’m very straight up.”

People are now speculating that the pair used to be friends, when the comments on Instagram were made, and have since fallen out – hence the catty comments. Are they not going to address the elephant in the room?

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