If Izzy and Stacy from Love Is Blind season five are still together

Omg, Izzy posted a huge Love Is Blind spoiler about if he and Stacy are still together

He quickly deleted the error, but we’ve seen it now!!

Love Is Blind season five star Izzy posted a massive spoiler about if he and Stacy are still together following the show. Obviously, the cast aren’t allowed to share any spoilers about their relationship status ahead of the reunion, so he quickly deleted the post, but it’s too late now!

Izzy and Stacy got engaged during this season of the show in the pods. They’ve had a few ups and downs, with him talking about debt, ongoing dramas with Johnie and the normal tensions that come with getting engaged without meeting.

And now, spoiler alert, he’s posted to confirm if he and Izzy stayed together after the weddings, which have just dropped on Netflix. Speaking during a Q&A on Instagram, Izzy said he and Stacy are still together.

When the weddings were still five days away, someone on Instagram asked Izzy: “Are you and Stacy still going strong?” and Izzy replied: “Yesss but for god sake it’s STACY not Stacey or Stacie.” So despite all the drama in their wedding,, that’s that one then!

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This comes as Stacy too posted a massive hint that the couple were still together. She shared a picture of some flowers on her Instagram story, and tagged Izzy. So yeah, he’s been sending her flowers. Not really the behaviour of a couple who have split up.

If you still want to get confirmation, it’s been announced the reunion episode is coming soon. We’ll be able to check in with Izzy and Stacy and the other Love Is Blind season five couples to see who’s still together and if there’s been any other drama on Sunday, October 15th.

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