Mark may be banned from The Apprentice final and spin-off shows due to bullying claims

Earlier in the series he was accused of racially motivated bullying by a fellow candidate

Following allegations of bullying earlier in the series, candidate Mark Moseley may have been banned from filming the final episode of The Apprentice due to air tonight, and has potentially not been invited to the “You’re Hired” spin-off show.

In tonight’s finale episode, Marnie and Rochelle are hoping to get backing from Lord Sugar, and the old candidates from this season come back to help them in the final task. The final task will be based around the women’s own brands, and sees them presenting their businesses.

After finding out who Lord Sugar has chosen to back, the BBC then does a “You’re Hired” spin-off show, set up like a talkshow, with the candidates and the winner. Earlier this season, Mark was accused of bullying fellow candidate Shazia Hussain, and because of this, he may not be invited to either of these shows.

The Apprentice is said to have launched an investigation following allegations made by Shazia against Mark, in which she said she was left feeling “unsafe” in the house the candidates shared, following a “distressing incident”.

The Apprentice 2023

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The incident was apparently caught on camera, but the BBC has chosen not to air the footage on the show. A TV source told MailOnline: “Shazia was really upset by the way she was treated and at times didn’t feel safe living in The Apprentice house. She can’t believe in this day and age she would be subjected to racially motivated bullying.

“Candidates were shocked that Mark was able to carry on filming the show despite animosity building behind the scenes. The show casts candidates of different ethnicities and backgrounds and the expectation is for each person to respect each other, which wasn’t the case during filming of the current series.”

A spokesperson from The Apprentice told MailOnline: “The Apprentice has a zero tolerance on racist bullying.  The duty of care and welfare of all candidates is of utmost importance and when action is required, we take it. All candidates sign up to strict code of conduct and if there was evidence of racist bullying candidates would be immediately removed from the process. We take all complaints very seriously.”

Shazia reported other members of her task team during The Apprentice for bullying, after a “disturbing” incident off-camera. She said she was “attacked” by her fellow candidates, during the task which saw them create a cartoon for children.

The Apprentice 2023

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During the task, Shazia came up with the name Yogita for a giraffe cartoon, which her other candidates didn’t think would be a good idea. We saw them disagree with her name suggestion, but Shazia has claimed this escalated “severely” beyond what was shown on the episode.

Following this, a BBC spokesperson confirmed her claims had been investigated, and a diversity and inclusion expert had visited the candidates in The Apprentice house to discuss what had happened. The MailOnline reported at the time that Mark may not appear on spinoff shows, or at filming of the final The Apprentice episode.

The BBC has not confirmed the decision made about Mark, but a spokesperson said: “As in previous years, invitations to the final episode of The Apprentice are based on candidate availability and productions discretion. The same applies to You’re Fired and You’re Hired and arrangements are made close to the time of filming.”

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