Love Island, Jake Cornish and Ouzy See song together

So, Love Island’s Jake Cornish and Ouzy See have a song together and it’s a lot

I have to admit though, I’ve listened to the sample many, many times

I come with the news that Love Island 2021 and All Stars cast member Jake Cornish has teamed up with Ouzy See from 2023 fame, and they’ve released a song together. No really, this crossover is happening.

Since being in the villa the first time around, Jake has tried his hand at a number of careers. To name a few he’s done Zumba instructing, furniture selling and fitness endeavours, but now one of his side hustles is working as a DJ.

Somewhere along this venture his crossed paths with Ouzy See (remember he had all that drama with Kady and apparently seeing someone else in a hotel room), who also DJs.

“2024 Looking BIG, Keep an eye out for the events us three will be performing at,” the boys said in joint Instagram post, tagging a third DJ who’s come along for the ride. The sample of the song – sorry I’m going to say it – is a bit of a bop, but Jake Cornish jumping up and down is extremely cursed content.

Plus, the clips have become huge memes on TikTok, with people taking sections of Jake’s videos and adding captions like: “When you ask for salt and vinegar at the chippy.”


all the time 😂 #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #loveisland #jakecornish #dj #relatable #funny #memes #2024

♬ original sound – loveisland.clips

“Hard watch that,” someone posted on the original video of the song with Jake and Ouzy. But, others are pretty sold, with one person commenting: “Proper tune”.

Ngl, as much as I hate the dancing, I can picture this over an evening montage in the villa. Good luck to them x

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