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Inside the I’m A Celeb South Africa WhatsApp chat as it explodes with rows and backstabbing

This is a MESS

As the show comes to an end, it’s been reported the I’m A Celeb South Africa cast WhatsApp group has descended into chaos as the campmates row and fight with one another, as they’ve seen what happened behind their backs on the show.

The show was filmed last year, so this is the first time the All Stars cast members have seen how they all came across on the show, and conversations that happened which they may not have known about. Latest evictee Paul Burrell has spilled all to The Sun, detailing that their group chat is now very, very messy.

He’s claimed a number of rows have started in the I’m A Celeb South Africa WhatsApp group since the show has been on TV, featuring a number of different contestants.

I'm A Celeb South Africa, Paul Burrell

via ITV

First, he’s claimed Fatima Whitbread went in on other members over contraband in camp, when she herself had private items she brought in. He’s also claimed Made in Chelsea star Georgia Toffolo hired a private jet out of South Africa, because she was “so desperate” to get home.

In a huge claim, he said Janice Dickinson has been “shunned by the whole group” after they saw how she behaved on camera, notably declaring herself as the “most famous” in the group. Gillian McKeith has allegedly also “ranted” in the group about comments her fellow campmates made behind her back.

Speaking to The Sun, Paul said: “We have an I’m A Celebrity Legends WhatsApp group. And we all talk to each other as each night unfolds and we all say, ‘Wow, I didn’t know that happened’. Now we’re watching it all and we’re seeing the context of everything, we’re constantly texting each other saying, ‘Oh you did that. Wow’. I do have rumbles to have.”

He told the publication he feels personally wronged by two campmates – Fatima and Janice – the most, over rows over contraband. He confessed he took coffee into the jungle, after it was found Gillian had snook snacks and spices in her underwear. It was revealed a number of campmates took items in with them, which Fatima said brought “shame” into the camp.

But, Paul has now claimed Fatima was enjoying some of the contraband goods with the campmates herself. He said: “I didn’t realise how bossy Fatima was until I’ve been watching it. Fatima knew what she was doing and she was there to win. She had the final in her sights.”

I'm A Celeb South Africa, Janice Dickinson

via ITV

He added that Shaun said in the group he thought Paul and Gillian faked reactions for airtime, and Janice isn’t even in the chat. He said: “We’re all in the WhatsApp group except Janice. Janice is not in the class of 2023 for obvious reasons. It’s fair to say we’re all a ­little bit wary around Janice. Janice was the wild card in the camp and we are all a little bit scared of her to be honest.”


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