TikTok which people claim shows two crimes caught on CCTV camera at the same time

Wait, does this creepy TikTok show two crimes being caught on camera at once?

People claim it shows ‘when killer meets kidnapper’

A TikTok is going viral right now in which people are claiming two crimes have been caught on camera at once. It’s pretty creepy, and the comments section is definitely running away with itself.

In the video, which looks like it might have been caught on a street’s CCTV, a man can be seen walking down a road and picking up a child. Shortly after, a woman walks past him in the opposite direction, and drops what looks like oil all over the street. People have questioned if what she drops is actually blood, and if she’s fleeing a crime scene with evidence. It’s also being questioned if the man in the video is meant to be with the child.

So, does this viral TikTok video actually show two crimes being caught on camera at once?


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The clip has been explained by the original poster, and in short, no – there’s nothing suspicious going on here. It really is just a bit of a weird video, that people took and interpreted in the most rogue way.

The video was originally uploaded by a Russian TikToker, who posted the clip out of context. Then, after it picked up millions of views, they posted it again, adding the creepy music in the background that is in a lot of the versions of it being shared right now. This version then got even more millions of views, and the comments section went wild.

“The woman is on the way to dispose of body parts and blood (she killed her husband),” one comment claimed. “The man kidnapped the child from a nearby playground.” Another comment added: “Killer meets kidnapper”.

TikToker Brandon Conner reached out to the original poster, to get the entire story debunked and explained. They told him there was “no mystery” and “nothing scary” in the video. They explained the woman simply spilled engine oil, and the man picks up his child who was having a tantrum in the street. “The music added did its job,” they said. “I don’t understand why the video made such a takeoff.”

So yeah, the two people are innocent you guys. Nothing to see here!

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