Enough is enough: Georges deserves more from MAFS and Peggy needs to be held accountable

How many more times are we going to allow a man to be ridiculed for simply having a hobby?

The last few episodes with Georges and Peggy on MAFS have been a difficult watch. There are only so many times I can take Peggy cutting into him for his online videos. Enough is enough.

Last night Peggy made the shock decision to “leave” the marriage at the commitment ceremony, because she was still struggling to come to terms with a video of Georges squatting on his gaming channel. She’s called his videos “weird” and “humiliating” multiple times, and said that ultimately, Georges “needs to change” for their marriage to work.

Georges sat at the ceremony, took the personal beating, before getting emotional and saying he knows “he is the problem.” Defending himself, Georges said: “I am genuine and it kills me inside to hear that people don’t think I am.”

Peggy then said: “It’s got to the point now where I’m exhausted and I’m losing myself by having to carry Georges”, before concluding: “I can’t do it any longer. He needs to change.”

Georges and Peggy on MAFS, Married at First Sight UK 2023

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Rightly so, everyone took to Twitter to call out Peggy’s behaviour. She was accused of gaslighting Georges, with others adding that she had chipped away at him until he can’t take anymore.

“Peggy – HUN- you are the biggest gaslighter on this show,” one person on Twitter said. “No one should change for you and he didn’t even do anything wrong!” Another added: “There’s a line between constructive criticism and attacking someone’s character. Peggy needs to accept who Georges is.”

Others added that Georges is “losing himself” during the MAFS process, and that Peggy has “absolutely broken him” by constantly attacking his character.

— Elle (@elled2015) October 30, 2023

— N (@Nic95xo) October 30, 2023

I have to agree. Peggy has belittled Georges throughout the MAFS experiment, suggested people don’t like him and I’m sick of the video narrative. The man has a hobby, move on. Nobody has the right to call what someone else does in their own time “weird” or “humiliating” – if he’s not hurting anyone, it’s his choice what he does. Period.

I’m no relationship expert, but a relationship to me should be built on a mutual understanding of what makes one another happy. Your partner should relish in your personal happiness, wherever that comes from.

I don’t even know why Georges requires this much defending? He’s done nothing wrong! It’s a silly little video of him squatting and showing a bit of cheek! Big deal!

And as for MAFS as a show, if it wants to continually brand itself as a progressive dating experiment that calls out toxic behaviour – practice what you preach. Tell Peggy she’s done wrong – because right now it looks as though Peggy is being validated for thinking Georges’ video is “weird” and Georges is being left thinking he’s got to change and is in the wrong somehow.

Paul C Bruson hit back at criticism of last night’s episode, when people said the experts should have called out Peggy. One person tweeted to say: “So unfair and why aren’t the experts calling her out. He is breaking, poor man.” Paul C Brunson replied to this tweet, and said we as viewers don’t see the entire conversation. He alluded to the idea that Peggy may have been called out more, but we just didn’t see it.

“It’s important to understand that the couples sit on the couch for up to 60 minutes,” Paul said. “You only see about six (or less). We give extensive advice. So, just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.”

If this really is the case, this is even worse. Channel 4, you say you home a show that calls out negativity in relationships, as was done with the Brad and Shona situation, yet you actively cut Peggy being held accountable for her actions? What’s going on there? More needs to be done to show what is healthy, and what really is not.

If you see this Georges, don’t change. And post your videos everywhere.

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