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They’re nearly at the final checkpoint, so when does Race Across The World series three end?

It’s getting tense!

We’re fast approaching the end of Race Across The World series three, as the remaining couples make pace towards the final checkpoint in Canada. We’re about to see who gets there first, and takes home the £20k prize fund.

It’s been a dramatic series so far. There have been eliminations, deep chats and arguments within the couples, and a few run-ins with bears across the mountains of Canada. Casually. But, it’s all coming to an end very soon! We don’t have long left to see who will be race champions.

Heading to the end date of Race Across The World series three on BBC One

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So, when does Race Across The World series three end?

Only the final leg of the challenge remains! The seventh checkpoint was at the seaside town of Liverpool, Nova Scotia. From there the contestants will head to the final checkpoint, in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Right now, Zainib and Mobeen are in the lead, having travelled over night by train to the latest checkpoint. The three other couples all waited until the morning to travel, and took the same bus. Claudia and Kevin, Monique and Ladi, and Tricia and Cathie are all 11 and half hours behind the race leaders.

There are nine episodes of the show in total – the final episode of the challenge airs on 10th May and we find out the winner, and then there may be a reunion style episode the week after, but watch this space!

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