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‘She can have my ex and my next’: Molly goes IN on Georgia Steel on All Stars tonight

She’s finally had enough!

After a few days of tensions in the villa rising, it seems as though Molly has finally had enough of Georgia Steel, and goes in on her during Love Island: All Stars tonight.

There has been drama between the two girls recently, as Georgia Steel coupled up with and was cracking on with Molly’s ex Callum, whilst also saying she has a connection with Tom, who has just coupled up with Molly.

In tonight’s episode everything comes to the boil, and Molly finally cracks and says what she thinks of everything that’s happened.

During the evening, Tom confides in Molly about a previous conversation he had with Georgia Steel. Unimpressed, Molly seeks advice from Hannah, Liberty, Georgia H, Arabella and Kaz as she makes an attempt to understand Georgia S’ intentions.

Molly says: “For the past few days, I’ve been seeing G pull him constantly for chats and I’ve just been like, they’re just friends, it’s fine, they’re just friends.” As she confides in the girls, Molly adds: “I think that maybe now, obviously G’s been pulling him and she’s made it apparent that she still likes him and wants to get to know him.”

Love Island All Stars tonight

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Molly continues: “I’ve been allowing things to happen thinking they’re just friends, knowing full well that she has been trying to crack on with him everyday and every night, has she not and I’m sat there like a mug.” Georgia H suggests to Molly: “You should speak to G about it.”

Molly has other ideas as she walks away and tells the girls: “It’s embarrassing, I can’t be arsed speaking to her, she can have my ex and my next.” What an incredible line.

The villa is set for even more chaos this evening, as it’s been reported four Islanders are going to be dumped, and two new bombshells are set to join the villa. It’s all kicking off!

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