These 31 memes about YOU season four are more wild than what Joe did to Nadia

I won’t forgive Joe, nor will I forget

Since the second half of YOU season four dropped on Netflix, all the memes have been saying the same thing. Is now the time everyone is realising Joe Goldberg is a terrible, terrible man?

It’s been a long time coming, but up until now he’s been our favourite lover boy, who just happens to have a back catalogue of a few murders. Casual. But, what he subjected us (and Nadia, and Marienne, and half of the other people he met) to in season four has finally been the catalyst to Joe Goldberg’s downfall. I can’t forgive and forget this!

Here are the best memes and reactions there have been to season four of YOU on Netflix.

1. The queen of my heart!

2. I beg!

YOU season four part two memes


4. This was a step too far and I’m not having it

5. I’m just so happy for her, ok?!

6. Trauma

YOU season four part two memes

7. This was so SCARY

8. It was there all along ://

9. Accurate hahahaha

10. Help me x

11. Did you…. get a naan?