‘He picked on everyone’: Georges settles where MAFS cast beef with Jordan and Erica came from

‘Jordan actively told me if I cause an argument I’m more likely to get airtime and more followers’

In the most recent episodes of MAFS UK 2023, it has seemed as though the entire cast has beef with Erica and Jordan. And as a viewer, it seemed like this hatred towards the couple came out of nowhere.

Tensions have been boiling between Luke and Jordan, and it was revealed the pair had a “physical fight” which resulted in Luke being booted from the show. Before then, Tasha came for Erica on a spa retreat, in an argument that took everyone by surprise.

But, where did the beef between the MAFS cast and Erica and Jordan even come from? Speaking to The Tab, Georges explained they initially didn’t gel with the rest of the group, because instead they were focusing on their relationship, as they should have been during the experiment.

“They came in, and they were the only other couple that did like Peggy and I,” Georges told The Tab. “Peggy and I, we would have breakfast together, we would have lunch together, go to the gym together, go for coffee together and go out for dinner together. We would do everything together because that’s what we were there to work on.

“Jordan and Erica were the only other couple who did that. Nathanial even said on his [Instagram] story that’s what he wanted to do too, but all Ella wanted to do was party and get to know everyone. Everyone was there to socialise, which is cool if that’s what they want to do.”

Georges explains the MAFS 2023 cast beef with Jordan and Erica, Married at First Sight UK

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After this initial lack of connection with the rest of the group, Georges blamed Jordan’s behaviour on why the rest of the cast took a disliking to him, and said Jordan made comments about causing arguments to get more airtime.

“They didn’t really get involved [with the rest of the group],” Georges said of Erica and Jordan, before he added: “Jordan actively told me if I cause an argument with everyone and I challenge everyone I’m more likely to get airtime which means I’m going to get more followers.

“You’ll see, he [Jordan] tried to pick on everyone. Nothing pleases him. Watch, he very very rarely says anything positive. Whereas if someone comes at me, I’ll say ‘that’s fine that’s your interpretation and I take it on board’, I listen, because I’m here to grow. Whereas, a lot of people there were like ‘I’m amazing I’m so good I’m the best person here’.”

In recent episodes, we saw Jordan and Luke’s relationship hit boiling point. Channel 4 bosses are said to have removed Luke from the show with immediate effect following the incident, in which he “shocked both cast and crew with his aggressive behaviour”. Jordan was allowed to stay on the show, as it was Luke who is said to have instigated the incident.

Well, at least that’s some answers then!

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