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James and Maeva from Made in Chelsea and their wedding

From venues to dresses: All the details we know about MIC favs Maeva and James’ wedding

How do I get an invite?

In recent episodes of Made in Chelsea, we’ve seen Maeva trying on a wedding dress as she prepares to get wed to James Taylor. Honestly guys, aside from Jamie and Habbs, this could be the event of the decade.

Maeva definitely isn’t going to do anything by halves, so I think we should all prepare for a wedding that will go down in Made in Chelsea history. Ahead of it happening, here’s everything we know.

Maeva and James have revealed they want a winter wedding

Right, the big question is when are Maeva and James planning their big day? They’ve opted for a winter wedding, at the end of this year. It’s definitely going to be a gorgeous day, as they’re planning to go in on the festive, Christmas vibes. Yep – they’ve said their wedding will be around the 2023 Christmas period.

They’ve not said much more about the plans for the day, other than that they want baby son Beau to be alongside them at the end of the aisle. Sorry, but if a Christmas wedding with their baby by their side isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever heard, what is?

Will it be in the UK or in France?

Given Maeva’s family are from France, it wasn’t sure if Maeva and James would choose to have their wedding there, or in the UK. However, they have since confirmed they’re opting for a wedding in the UK, and have secured a venue for the day.

Maeva has teased a few details about her wedding dress

You know Maeva – she’s not skipping out on having a grand big reveal of her dress on the day, so no, unfortunately she hasn’t posted a straight up picture of her gown. But, the clues are all there!

She’s hinted at some styles she’s looked at – posting a reel on Instagram of her trying on potential wedding dresses. She tagged the location as Morgan Davies Bridal, which has a London store just outside Islington.

In the caption of the post she thanked the family-run brand for helping her find her “perfect dress” – so she did end up buying hers from there!

She posted a further video of her “saying yes to the dress” and checking into the swanky Egerton House hotel. Maybe the dress she chose is in the video? We’ll have to wait and see!

Will Maeva and James record their wedding for Made in Chelsea?

We all want Maeva and James to get a special episode to air their wedding, similar to how Ollie and Gareth Locke did. But, that’s one of the main things that’s not confirmed. But, the couple have said the possibility of filming their day is definitely on their radar, and they definitely seem positive.

Speaking on FURBAR Radio, Maeva said “we’ll see” when asked if they’re planning to televise the event, whereas James replied “we need to work that one out” as he said a few friends and family members are “camera shy” and “we don’t want to be reshooting the magic moment”.

In a later interview with OK! Magazine, it looked more as though the couple wanted to say yes to filming, reflecting on how “beautiful” it was when Ollie and Gareth did it. “We’re swinging towards saying yes,” James told the publication.

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