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Love Island 2023 stars Ella and Ouzy already know each other

So, here’s a full breakdown of how Love Island’s Ella and Ouzy already know each other

Ohhh so they reallllyyyy know each other 👀

This year it seems as though loads of the Islanders already know each other, or have connections to past Islanders. As soon as the Casa Amor twist was announced and six new boys hit the Love Island 2023 villa, it was revealed new face Ouzy already knew OG Islander, Ella.

When Ella and Ouzy caught up on the show, Ella kept saying they met when they “did that job” together through their modelling agency. Before Love Island, both Ella and Ouzy worked as models in Scotland, so it’s no surprise their paths have crossed.

Here’s a full rundown of everything we know.

via ITV

How do Ella and Ouzy from Love Island 2023 already know each other?

Ella and Ouzy are signed to the same model management, called Colours Agency, which is the number one modelling agency in Scotland. The agency states it “actively scouts the streets of Scotland to find homegrown talent to develop, motivate, nurture and support.”

People have been quick to find the “job” they did together – posting a promo video of them at Room Zzz Aparthotel in Edinburgh. The hotel posted the full version of the video on Instagram, and said it was from its launch event.

It looks as though a whole host of models were invited along to create some content in the hotel’s rooms and communal spaces. The original video was posted in May of this year, so it’s literally only been a couple of months since Ella and Ouzy crossed paths. This was just two months after Ella met Tyrique, who she also knew before the villa.

On the show, Ella said that after this event she had thought Ouzy was going to ask her on a date and that they were going to go for drinks together. She said Ouzy kept asking her “when are we going on a date” but then it doesn’t look as though they ever did.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens here. 👀

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