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Alexandra Jarvis from Selling The OC speaks about her real name being Rachel

So, Alexandra Jarvis from Selling The OC has actually addressed if her real name is Rachel

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Selling The OC star Alexandra Jarvis has actually addressed the drama about her real name being Rachel. Yes, this is where we are now.

The drama on Selling The OC really is on another level, and sometimes it seems as though the cast members do the most to make sure there’s always some sort of chaos to be had. I rate it for them, I really do.

So when the cast flew out to Cabo to see the new Oppenheim Group office and $1billion listing development and Alex Hall saw a boarding pass for a “Rachel” of course she was going to bring it up.

“Alexandra Jarvis, her real name is Rachel,” Alex Hall said on the show. “On the way to Cabo, we all boarded together and on her boarding pass it said Rachel.”


How many engagements, how many marriages, is your name Rachel and are you a swinger? Alexandra Jarvis answers that and more from #SellingTheOC season 2

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Is Alexandra Jarvis from Selling The OC really called Rachel? And why doesn’t she go by this name?

In an interview, Alexandra Jarvis has confirmed her first name is in fact Rachel, and laughed off the fact that people were surprised by this. “My first name is Rachel,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “My middle name is Alexandra. In the south it’s really common to go by your middle name – I had a nephew born just a month ago and he’s being called by his middle name.

“It’s a common thing. People saying my ‘real name’ – it’s both.” Throwing shade even further at Alex Hall, Alexandra posted on Instagram saying “this is the people she deals with” when talking about the drama that’s always present over little things on the show.

Well that settles that one then!

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