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An intense look at the biggest Made in Chelsea glow ups of all time

These are extreme

Made in Chelsea has been around for over 10 years, so it should come with no surprise the cast have had extreme glow ups over the years. They’ve gone from rich 20-somethings, to semi-famous rich 20-somethings, and it shows.

From OG cast members who have had huge transformations since first appearing on the show, to current faces who look completely different to when they were younger, the MIC cast have changed a lot.

Here is a full rundown of undoubtedly the biggest Made in Chelsea glow ups there have been, of all time.

Louise Thompson

Biggest Made in Chelsea glow ups and transformations of all time

via E4 / Instagram @louise.thompson

Louise was on Made in Chelsea for absolutely years, and had some of the biggest dramas in the show’s history. Whilst she was a show regular, she said she got Botox injections, but since starting a family with fellow MIC cast member Ryan Libbey, has said she no longer gets it done due to the associated risks.

Her lips are a lot bigger than when she was first on the show, and her cheeks appear fuller.

Sam Thompson

via E4 / Instagram @samthompsonuk

The biggest change in Sam Thompson since he first appeared on Made in Chelsea is his teeth! He’s had them done, obviously, and has hugely out grown his baby face.

Maeva D’Ascanio

Biggest Made in Chelsea glow ups and transformations of all time

via E4 / Instagram @maevadascanio

Maeva has changed loads over the years. She was quite young when she joined the show, and now she’s rocking shorter hair as she enters her cool mum era.

Binky Felstead

via E4 / Instagram @binkyfelstead

Binky was an OG Made in Chelsea cast member, appearing between the years of 2011 and 2017. Her main changes are the foundation lips, orange-tone face and kohl eyeliner looks all seem to be a thing of the past. I miss it, Binky! Bring back grungy 00s makeup!

Sam Prince

via E4 / Instagram @samjprince

I am HERE for bleach blonde Sam Prince. He looks so different to when he first started out on the show, all those years ago.

Miles Nazaire

Biggest Made in Chelsea glow ups and transformations of all time

via E4 / Instagram @milesjnazaire

Miles in the first few seasons he appeared on MIC was floppy-haired and baby faced, now he’s had his teeth done, has a buzz cut and probably goes to the gym more than once a day.

Emily Blackwell

via Instagram @emily.blackwell_

Emily Blackwell’s is one of the most incredible glow ups in Made in Chelsea history. She looks incredible, wow!

Ollie Locke

via E4 / Instagram @ollielockeworld

Nothing gets me in the feels more than a nostalgic look at Ollie Locke back in the first seasons of Made in Chelsea. Yes, he’s now basically a uncle figure to all the new, much younger, cast members – but I’m so here for it. Bring back the long hair I say!

Stephanie Pratt

Biggest Made in Chelsea glow ups and transformations of all time

via YouTube / Instagram @officialstephpratt

Since her Made in Chelsea days, it’s been rumoured Stephanie Pratt has had quite a lot of cosmetic surgery. Her lips are much fuller now, her cheeks appear more plump and her nose looks different. As with loads of MIC cast members, her teeth are also gleaming.

Rosie Fortescue

via E4 / Instagram @rosiefortescue

Fresh-faced Rosie first appeared on MIC in 2011. Since then, she’s completely changed her vibe. New hair, who’s this?

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