It’s only been two months, but the Love Island 2023 cast have had huge transformations

These aren’t the same people we saw in the villa!

Love Island is soon coming back, and in some ways it feels like the winter series was forever ago, but in other ways it feels like just yesterday. It was two months ago, and already the Love Island 2023 cast are embracing the huge changes they’ve had to their lives, and their transformations are impressive.

Overnight they went from normal people hanging out in a villa in South Africa, to suddenly the UK was flocking to follow their lives on Instagram and see who would be first to secure a brand deal, or do some spon-con. This year has been much less intense than previous, but that hasn’t stopped the Islanders being glam all day, every day.

Tanya Manhenga

Love Island 2023 winter cast huge transformations after the villa

via ITV

Tanya saw the chance for a glam life every day and took it with both hands. Since leaving the villa she’s signed with a hair company, and now she regularly has different wigs and hair looks. She’s thriving.

Lana Jenkins

via ITV

Lana left the villa and said, glam. Her most recent posts on Instagram have been incredible. She’s a makeup artist, so we shouldn’t at all be surprised that now she’s living the post Love Island life she’s glowing.

Zara Lackenby-Brown

via ITV

Zara has definitely embraced her new life since the villa. Every single post so far has been her on nights out and at fancy PR events. I literally don’t think she’s taken a night off yet.

Tom Clare

via ITV / eBay

Since leaving the Love Island 2023 villa, Tom has dropped a range with eBay – as the latest pre-loved ambassador for the brand. The shoot shows the footballer in a completely different light, and I’m here for it!

Olivia Hawkins

Love Island 2023 winter cast huge transformations after the villa

via ITV

Olivia is another of the Love Island 2023 cast who in terms of huge transformations, has just really capitalised on how she probably has a glam squad at her fingertips at all times now.

Samie Elishi

via ITV

Since Samie straight up admitted she went on the show for fame, I’m really not at all surprised that as soon as her plane returned to the UK her life became all PR events and influencer style Instagram posts. She was made for this life! Oh, and she’s got bangs now, too.

Tanyel Revan

Love Island 2023 winter cast huge transformations after the villa

via ITV

It looks as though OG Islander Tanyel hasn’t had a night off since being kicked out of the villa. She’s been hitting London clubs, and posting videos on Instagram of herself non-stop – she was high-glam in the villa, and she’s high-glam out of it. It truly is a lifestyle.

Haris Namani

via ITV

Haris might not have been on the show for very long, but he has to get a mention because WHO is this model on Instagram?! I’m paying attention!

Will Young

Love Island 2023 winter cast huge transformations after the villa

via ITV

Farmer Will has turned on his slay mode since leaving the villa, truly. Who is this gorgeous man glowing with love in Paris? A wow.

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