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Shona says ‘most of Brad’s inexcusable behaviour was off camera’ speaking out about MAFS

‘I was being completely patronised and belittled’

Following Brad being axed from MAFS UK 2023, his now ex-wife Shona has taken to Instagram to speak out about their relationship on the show. The audience has seen what Channel 4 described as “unhealthy” behaviour from Brad, but Shona has said the majority of his behaviour was actually cut from the show.

Brad was removed from the Married at First Sight experiment, meaning Shona had to leave too, after he was accused of being controlling towards her. He was seen telling her to “shut up” during the dinner party, and branded her emotionally immature. He also spoke of “allowing” Shona to be upset, comments which sparked a response from women’s charity, Women’s Aid.

Following his actions on the show, Channel 4 confirmed Brad had been kicked off the experiment, and Shona would no longer be taking part either. “If any relationships on MAFS UK develop in a way that is deemed unhealthy we take expert advice as to whether the couple should leave the process,” the channel said. “This was the case with Brad and Shona. Support is available at all times.”

Shona and Brad on Married at First Sight, MAFS

via E4

On Instagram, Shona has now posted a number of lengthy statements, reflecting on her time on MAFS with Brad. She said the couple had “many highs” but also claimed “most of Bradley’s inexcusable behaviour happened off camera”.

In one post, she said: “Taking my time to reflect a little more after each episode and I will start one of my last lengthy posts by saying that there were many major highs in our time together which haven’t been shown in the edit but I will also be honest in saying most of Bradley’s inexcusable behaviour happened off camera.

“In moments like these I wasn’t honest about it and tried to see the good. I’m not sharing this to add fuel to the fire but this is my story, parts of it are out there for everyone to see and I want to share what I choose to share on here both sensitively and respectfully.”

She said she has learned a lesson in putting “hope for the relationship to work” and said she is now “so far removed from the process” that she can “walk away with the awareness that in protecting someone else for their behaviour, their poor actions and words that are having such an impact on you – you start to lose your light and your sparkle and it’s something I won’t lose again.”

She added: “I now feel empowered about that and I can only hope people will learn from watching our time in the experiment unfold.”

In a further post Shona said she is “choosing to focus on the lessons I’ve learnt from my journey on MAFS” and turning what happened into a positive life lesson.

She said: “In these sort of conversations which we had where I felt I was being completely patronised and belittled I have learnt and I am always still learning that I am beautiful the way I am, I don’t need to change for anyone and I’ll never let somebody make me feel inadequate to them if it’s intentional or not.”

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