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An Islander storms off tonight as ‘battle of the Ellas’ erupts in the villa

It’s getting HEATED

Tonight sees new bombshell Ella B come through with her “battle of the Ellas” comment, and the bombshells have a big decision to make which sends shockwaves through the villa.

In the episode, new bombshell Ella B’s arrival and her history with Tyrique may have touched a nerve with Ella. As news of her “battle of the Ellas” comment spreads around the villa the two girls catch up in the bedroom.

Keen to set the record straight, Ella says: “First of all…do you babe, I get it, you came in for yourself and you need to talk to everyone…but why is my name even in your mouth when you’re talking about yourself…you’re trying to plant doubt in his mind.” Ella B replies: “Babe, obviously we are going to chat. I’ve known him for so many years…”

Love Island 2023

via ITV

As the conversation continues, Ella adds: “Do you babe, come in on your own energy, you don’t need to mention other Ella, there’s never going to be a battle. I would never go head to head with a girl for a man, so the talk of battles is not me…leave it out…” Ella B quips back: “It was a bit of banter…I’m not here for drama…”

As the evening continues, the villa is rocked by an unexpected text message as all Islanders are asked to gather around the fire pit immediately. The message reads: “Ella B and Josh as you are both single it is time for you to steal an Islander of your choice. You get to choose one boy and one girl to couple up with.”

Love Island 2023

via ITV

As Ella B and Josh’s decisions are revealed around the fire pit, one boy and girl are therefore made single. A newly single Islander isn’t best pleased, and ends up storming off into the garden – but who is it?

The drama is giving!

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