Johnie Maraist from Love Is Blind season five on Netflix, new boyfriend

Inside Johnie’s hot girl life and new wholesome relationship since Love Is Blind season five

She’s thriving!

During Love Is Blind season five, Johnie had a pretty rough ride. She was getting to know Chris and Izzy in the pods, turned down Chris for Izzy, who then turned her down for Stacy. She managed to briefly redeem her love life by dating Chris after the show, but in the reunion it was revealed Chris cheated on her. Can Johnie ever catch a break?

Despite everything that happened during Love Is Blind, Johnie looked happy and thriving during the reunion. She said she’s doing well, seemed friendly with Chris even though things turned sour, and confirmed she’s in a new relationship. So, here’s a deep dive into her life now.

Johnie is 32 and a lawyer

32-year-old Johnie Maraist is a lawyer, and from Houston. As she joined Love Is Blind, Johnie said she was “proud to be a constant work in progress, because that means she’s always growing.”

Her Netflix bio added: “As a lawyer, Johnie has had tremendous success in her career, but hasn’t been as lucky in love because she always seems to pick ‘the wrong kind of man.’ Her usual type is ‘slightly younger, pretty boys,’ but she’s coming to the experiment with an open heart and mind. And, while she has a habit of being indecisive, she needs a guy who knows exactly what he’s looking for.”

Since filming Love Is Blind, Johnie has been living her best life

Love Is Blind season five was filmed around summer 2022, so there has been plenty of time for Johnie to move on from her woes after the pods. Her Instagram is full of pictures of her living her best life, and she clearly loves travelling, going to events and having cocktails in bars.

She’s captioned loads of her pictures things such as “happy” and “lucky”, clearly reflecting on how much she’s enjoying her time now. In recent months Johnie has visited Alaska, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Turks and Caicos and the Bahamas.

During the Love Is Blind season five reunion, it was revealed Johnie is in a new relationship

The Love Is Blind season five reunion was a lot, with Johnie revealing she and Chris had broken up because he cheated on her, and she and Izzy had also met up but nothing came of their relationship a second time around.

But that was a long time ago now, as Johnie is loved up with new boyfriend, structural aerospace engineer Alex Yovanovic. Sharing a load of cute selfies of them together on Instagram, Johnie said they’ve already had their one year anniversary together and are happier than ever.

Her Instagram is full to bursting of pictures of her and Alex, which I’m taking must have been archived whilst she was on Love Is Blind, because they look so full of love it’s adorable.

She’s also besties with Love Is Blind co-star, Aaliyah

Johnie might not have found love on Netflix, but she did find a best friend. She and Aaliyah, who also had a dramatic and unlucky journey, are now besties after meeting whilst living together for the show.

“Aaliyah is my best friend from the show,” Johnie said in a post. “I have so much admiration for someone who sets their boundaries to ensure relationships are mutually respectful and caring – I have learned a lot about that from Aaliyah.”

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