We found the music video Ella was in before Love Island, and it’s not exactly a claim to fame

If you squint reeeeeal hard you might just about catch her

When Ella joined the cast of Love Island, she straight up said her biggest claim to fame was once starring in a music video. She said she was once in a video with Headie One and Burna Boy.

When asked what her biggest claim to fame was, Ella replied that it was being in the music video, as well as once being an extra in World War Z. “I was 12 years old when I filmed it and got to meet Brad Pitt which was cool,” she said of the film appearance.

The film, very cool. But, sorry, the music video feature definitely shouldn’t be her biggest claim to her fame. She flashes up in it for approximately one second, and no exaggeration, if you blinked you actually would miss it. This woman is literally an award-winning model – she definitely has bigger things she can reflect on as her lifetime accomplishments.

Music video with Ella from Love Island 2023

via YouTube

Anyway, the video she is in is Headie One and Burna Boy – Siberia. The video is set out on some mountains, during the winter. She very briefly appears about two thirds of the way through the video, on a ski lift with Headie One.

Music video with Ella from Love Island 2023

via YouTube

Unconfirmed, but this also looks as though it might be Ella in the back of a car, later on in the video. I can’t tell 100 per cent though, because she’s literally not on the screen for long enough.

Watch the music video Ella from Love Island is in, here:

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