Inside Molly-Mae’s Depop shop where she’s selling designer clothes for 90 per cent off

All the money goes to charity too!

Molly-Mae Hague is everywhere recently. She’s been firm on our radars since Love Island 2019, but now she’s still loved up with Tommy Fury and they’ve just welcomed a baby together. Since her big announcement, a TikTok has gone viral sharing Molly-Mae Hague’s Depop shop, and people are shook at what it contains.

On the page, Molly-Mae is selling loads of her designer gear for hugely discounted prices – and some of these things look like they’re in pretty much perfect condition. It would be no surprise if the influencer has been gifted all these things and then never worn them, so is selling them on.

You might think this is a bit cheeky – to make more money off these things when she’s already a multimillionaire – but all her profits go to charity. The bio on the shop reads: “ACCOUNT RAN BY MY MANAGEMENT. PROFITS DONATED TO CHARITY. 🖤”.


I know she’s rich rich and money isn’t an issue but it’s still crazy to me🤯

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So far, Molly-Mae has sold 110 items on Depop, and has over 250k followers. But, I know what you’re here for – you want to know some of the hugely discounted items she’s been flogging.

Molly-Mae Hague selling on Depop

via Depop

Molly-Mae listed some Gucci sliders for £40. A quick Google and you find out these are Pilar Quilted “GG” Slides, worth around £500. So yes, that’s over 90 per cent off retail price she sold them for. She also sold an entire Palm Angels tracksuit, worth around £800, for £200, and a hoodie worth over £500 for £40.

Molly-Mae Hague selling on Depop

via Depop

Another pair of shoes, and this time a bit more expensive, but Molly has listed some Louis Vuitton trainers. These are the Archlight Trainer range and are still available brand new, with prices up to £930. On Molly-Mae’s Depop however, they were listed for £180.

Molly-Mae Hague selling on Depop

via Depop

Molly-Mae also sells loads of items from her range with PrettyLittleThing on Depop, at hugely discounted prices. She states most of the items are new and never worn, or have only been worn to take a photo for Instagram. Some other brands she’s listed clothing from include House of CB, New Balance, Zara, Manière De Voir, Yeezy, Essentials and Levi’s.

“I know she’s rich rich and money isn’t an issue but it’s still crazy to me,” one person on TikTok said. “Tbh it’s nice of her, she’s most likely gifted the items so is allowing people less fortunate to afford things,” another added. “She’s so real for that,” was another comment.

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