Get to know Will, the 23-year-old TikTok farmer swapping lambs for Love Island 2023

He was meant to go to uni and study accountancy, but told his parents he wanted to work on the farm instead

Winter Love Island 2023 is finally here, bringing us a new batch of Islanders to be obsessed with. One person who everyone stopped to double take with when Love Island announced the lineup was Will Young. Yes, it’s bloody farmer Will.

You already know him as being huge on TikTok with his videos of him cleaning poo off his sheep and rolling around with his lambs, but who actually is he and what should we expect from him being in the villa? Here is everything you need to know about Will Young, as he heads onto Love Island 2023.

Will Young from Love Island 2023

Will in his Love Island 2023 promo shoot

Love Island 2023 contestant Will is 23 and from Buckinghamshire

Will Young is 23 and from Buckinghamshire. When asked why he wanted to go on Love Island, Will said: “Having grown up on a farm, it’s been quite difficult juggling relationships and work. Love Island will give me time away from the farm to solely go out and find love. I think I’m at the time of my life where I’m mature enough to go and find a wife.”

via Instagram @farmer_will_

He was going to go to uni, but decided against it to work on the family farm instead

Will works as a farmer, on the family’s farm. He was thinking about going to uni to study accountancy, but then during sixth form changed him mind and told his parents he wanted to work on the farm instead.

But, does that mean a potential partner will need to be keen to get involved on the farm, too? Will said his mum didn’t step on the farm for the first 20 years she was married to his dad, so that isn’t something girls in the villa need to worry about. “What attracts me is energy, if the energy is there, she can do whatever she wants,” he said. “As long as she respects what I do and my busy times of the year, then that’s all I need. If she loves it, bonus! But it’s not a big issue for me.”

Will now has over a million followers on TikTok


Can you believe the mess these lambs make #willandlambs #ukfarming

♬ original sound – Farmer Will

Obviously, Will’s big claim to fame is that we all know him from TikTok. He has 1.1million followers, 32.9million likes across his videos, and his most watched video has nearly 9million views.

When asked by Love Island what he thinks his biggest claim to fame actually is, Will said: “Claudia Winkleman came to my farm. She was lovely and got stuck in. She poured water over me.”

via Instagram @farmer_will_

Will says he will bring good energy and good vibes to the Love Island villa

Will said he’ll be on hand to bring “good energy” to the Love Island villa, and added he’s “a bit of a cheeky chappy” with “good vibes” and who’s “good to be around”.

“I bring real good, loving energy and I’m a wholesome boy who can bring you to the farm and show you his animals and just live one of those happy lives in the cottage,” he said.

But, he said he definitely has commitment issues

When asked why he is single, Will said: “Honestly? Probably commitment issues. I self sabotage myself sometimes when I’ve got a good thing going. I do like my own space and my own time; I haven’t got to stress about anything and just worry about myself.”

He added: “I’m not a big dater but the dates I’ve been on have been super romantic. For the right girl I can be quite romantic. Once I took a girl on a date to the bottom of our farm where there’s this really nice hill with amazing views surrounding it. I put fairy lights all up in the tree, I set up a picnic with wine and we watched the sunset.”

His dream date is having dinner and wine on a boat in the middle of the sea, watching the sunset. Either that, or on a beach camping. He said his ideal date would need to be “definitely wholesome vibes, something to do with nature.”

via Instagram @farmer_will_

Will’s biggest ick is when someone is rude

Will said his biggest ick is when someone is rude, but he did admit he can still sometimes fall in love with people really quickly. “With the right girl I would fall in love quickly,” he said. “But I make up my mind super quick. I only need one or two dates and I know whether I want to keep seeing someone. With girls I like, I wear my heart on my sleeve.”

She’s probably not going to be a Love Island bombshell, but Will said his celebrity crush is Margot Robbie

He described Margot Robbie as “so attractive” when asked who is celebrity crush is, and then said his ideal dinner party would include guests such as Sir David Attenborough and Boris Johnson, who he backs as being able to bring “on point” conversation. Sure.

His Instagram is mainly just farming pictures and videos, surprisingly

Will Young from Love Island 2023

via Instagram @farmer_will_

This year, the Islander’s Instagrams will remain dormant whilst they are in the villa. But, Will already has loads of Instagram followers, and his handle is @farmer_will_ if you want to follow him. His feed is mainly just farming pics (surprise surprise) with the occasional pic of him out for drinks.

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