Love Island 2023 cast back on TikTok

The Islanders have let loose on TikTok after the villa, and their first posts are everything

I fear Zach and Ouzy are deep in the pits of hell

Since leaving the Love Island 2023 villa, a lot of the Islanders have been back on TikTok sharing their post-villa lives, and their first videos have all been very fun.

They’re hanging out together, shading each other and all round having a dramatic but enjoyable time. Loads of them had TikToks before the villa, but since they left they’re on another level. Here are all the Love Island 2023 cast members who have shared fun TikTok posts after the show.

Molly Marsh


@Love Island you’ve been a blast ✈️🩵

♬ Memories (feat. Kid Cudi) – David Guetta

Of course this year’s queen of TikTok was going to be one of the first Love Island 2023 cast members straight back on it. Molly’s traded in cringe adverts and dancing with her family, and her first post-villa TikTok was her and the other finalists hanging out at the airport.

It shows them all pulling faces before the flight, and then in a very sponsored by Jet2 kinda way, we see them all board the plane. Cue Molly and Zach jumping in the air at the end…Check!

Ella Thomas


Shut it downnn !!!

♬ original sound – Love Island

Ella was real for this. For her first TikTok back she lip-synced her own moment from the villa when she told Ty being friendly with a girl you have history with can be seen as being flirty. Tell him louder!

Whitney Adebayo


dem go feel itttttt 💃🏾💃🏾🤣🤣🤣 #davido

♬ FEEL – Davido

I am completely here for Whitney doing the same dance to FEEL over and over again – I could watch them all a million times. First she did it in a duet with Jess, and it’s great vibes.

Mitchel Taylor


Looking back at 10 year old modelling photos #messymitch #loveisland

♬ original sound – MessyMitch

Umm, Mitch did some modelling shoots? In a TikTok he said the pictures were taken when he was in year 10 – so around 15 – and he can be seen flicking through the photo album of them all.

There are some absolutely golden pictures amongst them. A personal fave is the one where he’s wearing the thick rimmed glasses, because I love to imagine him raiding a box of props and selecting them thinking “yep, they’re the vibe.” He’s also got great ones of him all suited and booted, and then in contrast wearing a very Kavos 2013 style drop sleeve vest. Art.

Kady McDermott

Kady’s been on a mad one since she left the villa, going on podcasts and slating people all over the place. Over on TikTok she’s shared some behind the scenes of the podcasts, with her and Ouzy dancing in a studio. Ouzy: Blink twice if this is a hostage situation.

Catherine Agbaje


I thought my phone actually smashed 😂 #fyp #loveisland

♬ original sound – Iamsoupa

Catherine! What does this MEAN?! Catherine is definitely subtly hinting to us that she’s sat going through cute fan edits of her and Scott, and wishing she could turn back time. It’s not too late!!!!

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