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Two weeks in, all the Love Island boys and their glaring red flags

If Mehdi tells Whitney off one more time I might implode

We’ve been getting to know the Love Island 2023 boys for two weeks, and already their red flags are waving and glowing bright. They’ve behaved questionably, reacted to things badly, and quite often made drama out of nothing.

Every year, most of the lads in the villa end up becoming villains, and this year it’s so bad I’m genuinely fearful that the villa might burn down after Casa.

Here’s a rundown of all the Love Island 2023 boys, and the red flags they have placed on obvious display.

Zach – Has clearly never met someone who doesn’t fancy him

Love Island 2023 boys and their red flags

via ITV

I fear someone needs to make sure this man stays in his lane. The way he smiles and looks at the floor all the time when the girls swoon over him is giving someone who simply can’t fathom not being fancied. It’s giving Chris Hughes saying “everyone in this villa fancies me”.

He’s also actually *too* laid back. I can imagine you’d try to organise a date with him and he’d be so “go with the flow” you’d be left questioning when the flow actually starts.

Mehdi – Always telling Whitney off

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Mehdi has really been giving us red flags in recent episodes. First there was the whole weird way he said he was going off Whitney because she was surrounded by “drama” and he told her off for upsetting Jess… which she didn’t even do. And now he’s told her off again, this time for giggling during his recoupling speech.

It was actually quite sweet the way she was chuckling, clearly finding it cute that he was complimenting her. She even explained afterwards, which she didn’t need to do, that she laughs in nervous situations and wasn’t used to hearing someone say nice things like that out loud about her.

I mean, someone literally Photoshopped Mitchel’s face onto Joe Goldberg in a poster for YOU on Netflix. Need I say more? He was quite literally obsessed with Molly after a matter of minutes, and love-bombed her within days.

His weird “game plan” to win her back was a huuuuuge red flag and I still feel a bit sick at him moving onto Leah and complimenting her “good body” in his recoupling speech. Pls Mitchel, pls.

Sammy – Defensive and immature

Love Island 2023 boys and their red flags

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In recent episodes, Sammy has shown he’s very immature, and has gotten really defensive when anyone questions his behaviour. Leah was right, she’s more than just a “test” – she’s a human being. When she raised this with him, Sammy simply replied that her feelings weren’t his problem.

I fear out of all the Love Island 2023 boys, Sammy may be on his way to displaying the most red flags of them all. Side note: Can’t avoid his red flag being that he talks through his front teeth.

Tyrique – Flirts with anyone with a pulse

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Nobody is safe from Tyrique! Even Ella has said he flirts with everyone, and one minute he’s telling the boys he’s into Ella, the next minute he’s in a challenge saying he’s still “open”. He literally speaks to Ella like they’re just mates? Tyrique is best mates with Toby from 2021, and it really shows. Plus, Toby has said Tyrique might even be more chaos than he was. I’m scared!

Scott – No comment

Love Island 2023 boys and their red flags

via ITV

I honestly have nothing to say about this man. Scott’s only red flag so far is that I can’t remember a single word he has said. I fear he will be dumped soon, sorry.

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