Introducing Rosie: The 24-year-old Love Island bombshell here to flirt with all the boys

She’s eyeing up Casey, Tom and Kai 👀

Without us having time to recover from Casa Amor and Movie Night, Love Island 2023 has just introduced not one but two bombshells – Rosie and Keanan. I’m shaking.

They’re just about to make a dramatic entrance to the villa, and Rosie has said she’s flirty, and ready to cause a stir with the Islanders. Here’s everything you need to know about Rosie Seabrook, as she joins the Love Island 2023 villa.

Rosie from Love Island 2023

Rosie in her Love Island 2023 promo shoot

New Love Island 2023 bombshell Rosie is 24 and from Buckinghamshire

Rosie Seabrook is from Buckinghamshire, and is aged 24. Right now, she works as a placement advisor.

‘I’ve got a flirty personality’

Rosie from Love Island 2023

via Instagram @rosieseabrook

The boys are probably going to have their heads turned here, as Rosie’s said she’s a very flirty person. “I’ve got a very flirty personality, I flirt with people when I don’t even mean to,” she said. “I’m confident and witty which always makes for good conversation when I’m speaking with a guy.”

She said personality is the main thing she looks for in a guy, and she needs to be with someone who’s funny. “I can’t be with someone that doesn’t make me laugh,” she said.

Rosie apparently has a phobia of frozen food…. sure

We all have weird phobias, sure, but Rosie’s? Frozen food. “I have a really bad phobia of frozen food, I can’t touch frozen food,” she said. “I can’t go anywhere near the freezer. If my mum jam packs the freezer and I have to try and get something out that I need, I just can’t… I have to ask someone else to get it out for me.”

via Instagram @rosieseabrook

She has her eyes on Casey and Tom

So, who does Rosie like the look of in the villa? “There’s a few,” she said. “Casey, he’s got the personality and looks that I always go for. I’m unsure if he’s got the height but I can let that slide because he’s got everything else. I also like Tom, he’s very good looking and tall. I feel like there is more to him, so I’m looking forward to seeing that. Kai is also very attractive, so I want to get to know him.”

When she’s not in the Love Island villa, Rosie holidays A LOT

Rosie from Love Island 2023

via Instagram @rosieseabrook

Rosie has just over 8k Instagram followers ahead of her time on Love Island, and her feed is literally ALL holidays. She’s never not someone lush having an al fresco dinner, wearing a bikini or sunning herself. She has Instagram highlights for all the places she’s recently been, and they include Mykonos, Santorini, Marbella, Paris, LA, Las Vegas and Dubai. Not bad!

Her handle is @rosieseabrook, if you want to follow.

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