Um, Collins straight up admits he came across as ‘fake’ and like an actor on MAFS Australia

He also claims Natalie was only on the show for Instagram followers

So, the big drama on MAFS Australia recently has been Collins being accused of coming across like an actor on the show, and then the revelation that he is in fact… an actor. And now he’s spoken out about how he came across, and admitted it was slightly questionable.

After his antics on the show, Collins’ fellow cast members questioned if he was an actor, and Jayden said: “There’s a lot of fake tears coming from Collins.” Jayden also said in an interview that Collins put on a persona on-screen and behaved completely differently when he was hanging out with the rest of the cast.

But in a real turn of events, it was revealed the MAFS groom actually IS an actor, and Collins also said in an interview that he’d been approached to be on MAFS Australia three times. Collins has previously acted in a hair transplant advert.

Collins has responded to him being called an actor on MAFS Australia

via E4

Now, Collins has given a tell-all interview and straight up admitted to how he came across being like that of someone who was acting up for the cameras. He also dragged his MAFS Australia match Natalie into the chat, saying she was on the show for Instagram followers.

“I sucked. I absolutely sucked,” he admitted, before also saying he did come across as fake. “I do come across dismissive, fake, an actor. All those things. I came across so fake. It was tough to watch.”

He added that he’s had cast members reach out to him and tell him that on the hens’ night, Natalie told people she was “on [the show] for Instagram likes and followers.” Speaking of the cast in general, he said: “If they’re all saying their first priority and only [priority] is to find love, you’re lying. You are absolutely lying.”


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