Daily puzzle riddle of what number space a car in a park is parked under

If you’re ready to not sleep at night, this car park puzzle has left everyone flummoxed

I’m not willing to disclose how long it took me to work the answer out

Another day, another brain teaser going viral on Twitter which is doing a great job at ruining my day. This time it comes in the form of a puzzle about a car park, where the spaces are all numbered.

The row of spaces only has one car in it – covering the number of the bay it’s stopped in. So the big challenge here is to, using the other numbers you can see, work out what number space the car is parked in.

It might sound pretty simple, but honestly the amount of time I spent staring at the picture trying to work out how people had come to a conclusion is my business, and nobody else needs to know.

So what is the answer to the viral car park space number puzzle?

It seems a lot of people, including myself, have been left at a loss over this riddle – trying to work out some sort of pattern between the numbers. The post has been viewed over 10million times, and has over 20k replies – mostly from people getting annoyed by not being able to work out what’s going on.

So, to put you all out of your misery, there is no pattern and the answer is literally staring you right in the face. You might be looking at some of the replies to the tweet saying “87” and wondering how people got there. 87 is correct, and all you need to do is turn the photo upside down.

Yep – that’s it. The numbers are all just upside down. The big clue was the angle the car is parked at, and the way it’s facing. Annoying that it was that simple, but here we are.

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