Meet the Peltzs: Nicola Peltz’s billionaire family as she marries Brooklyn Beckham

Her mother used to be a model!

This weekend saw the Peltz family and the Beckham family come together as one, as Nicola and Brooklyn tied the knot. But let’s get one thing out the way, neither of these pair are in it for the money – both families are absolutely loaded.

The entire Beckham family are famous, but a lot less is known about Nicola Peltz and her relatives. The 27-year-old actress comes from a high status and wealthy American family. Her wedding is set for April 9th and is going to be one of the biggest celebrity events in years. It’s at Nicola’s family home, which is a casual £76million mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. So, with the wedding of the year upon us, let’s get to know the family.

Nicola Peltz has a billionaire father

Nicola Peltz and her parents

Nicola and her parents, via Instagram @nicolaannepeltz

Nicola’s father is 79-year-old American billionaire businessman and investor, Nelson Peltz. Some of his most notable assets are Snapple drinks, The Madison Square Garden Company and The Wendy’s Company. He has also made investments in companies such Heinz, Domino’s Pizza and Tiffany & Co.

Nelson Peltz is said to be worth £1.3billion and he owns two private jets. He’s the 432nd richest person in the US right now. Nicola coming from the extremely wealthy New York family is said to make Victoria Beckham very happy.

Her mother used to be a model

Nicola Peltz family including her father mother and siblings

via Instagram @nicolaannepeltz

Nicola’s mum is called Claudia Heffner, and his Nelson Peltz’s third wife. The couple got married in 1985. Claudia is 66 and is a former fashion model. She is quite private in her life, but is very close with Nicola. Nicola posts pictures with her on Instagram all the time, with a recent one captioned: “Happy birthday to my role model, my queen, my twin. You are everything good in this world! I want to be just like you. You’re the most beautiful woman inside and out and am the luckiest girl in the girl to call you mom. I love you I love you I love you a millions over.”

The family is quite big, with Nicola being one of eight Peltz siblings

Nicola Peltz family including her father mother and siblings

Her brother Brad, via Instagram @bradleygpeltz

Nelson and Claudia have eight children together, including Matthew, Will, Diesel, Brad, Brittany and Nicola. Matthew is the eldest, aged 37, and is in business with his father, working currently as a director for Wendy’s Co. Will is 35 and is an actor, best known for Unfriended and Men, Women & Children. Brad is 32 and works as a professional ice hockey player. Nicola’s sister is Brittany, who is 28 and works as an influencer and owns an interior design studio, SENA. She has three children, so Nicola is an aunty. Nicola is the youngest Peltz sibling.

Nicola’s dad also reportedly has two other children from a previous relationship.

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