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Jessie and Will are sharing loads of cute videos of her new countryside life and I’m obsessed

Jessie petting alpacas is exactly what I need to see

In the last couple of weeks, life has changed dramatically for Love Island 2023’s Will and Jessie. They just missed out on a spot in the final of the show, and are now in the real world, back in the UK.

When they were dumped from the villa following a public vote, the couple said Jessie would be heading to Will’s farm to settle into countryside life. They’ve kept true to their word, as Jessie and Will have been sharing loads of videos of what they’re up to – and the farming life is clearly what Jessie was always destined for.

She’s been out with the pigs, in the fields in her wellies, and even went to Tesco for the first time ever. It truly is the sort of wholesome content you need to brighten your day.

On his TikTok, Will shared “episode one of showing Jessie the farm animals”. She got all dressed in the gear, fed the pigs and gave one a big scratch on the belly. “Jessie is a certified farmer now!” said one person in the comments.


Episode 1 – did Jessie pass the test?

♬ original sound – Farmer Will

Jessie has shared loads of videos on her TikTok, too. She’s been cuddling with the lambs, and of course, they’ve been doing dance trends on the farm together.


♬ ceilings – Sped Up Version – Lizzy McAlpine


♬ –

On Instagram Will shared another video of Jessie walking around the farm and petting alpacas – it’s gorgeous stuff. Really, that’s the only way to describe it.

One video that has particularly melted people’s hearts is of Will taking Jessie to Tesco for the first time. The video shows her documenting her first time in the store, captioned: “First late night Tesco trip ✅”. They go around sniffing the candles, dancing around the aisles and taking selfies in the CCTV cameras.


♬ –

I’m living for this!

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