‘It was a cop out’: Will and Jessie spill all after being dumped from Love Island 2023

‘If people want to sit there and doubt our compatibility, that’s on them’

Last night saw Will and Jessie dumped from the Love Island 2023 villa, just one day before the big final. The episode was meant to be a huge cliffhanger for who had been sent packing, but then Love Island accidentally spoiled the reveal not once, but twice before the tense moment aired on screen.

All that drama aside, Will and Jessie said goodbye to their fellow Islanders, and wished them all luck in the final. Now they’ve left the villa, here’s everything they had to say.

Will and Jessie dumped from Love Island 2023

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Are Will and Jessie gutted they missed out on the Love Island final?

It must be pretty gutting getting all this way and missing out on the final by one day, and Will and Jessie are obviously a bit sad. “It would have been nice for us to get to the final, but I’ve left the villa with Will and he’s my boyfriend, so that’s good!” Jessie said.

Will added that leaving right now is a “very sad time” and he’s gutted to have started right at the beginning but to leave having almost made it to the end. He said he’s a “a little bit sad” but found what he’s looking for in Jessie.

Now Love Island is over, what’s next for Jessie and Will?

They’d just become official boyfriend and girlfriend in the villa, so have now shared what’s next for them – including moving in and yes, Jessie wants to head to the farm. “I’m heading to Will’s farm for the interim! I’m very excited to go there,” she said. “I’ll be looking to move to London. Samie and I were going to look at apartments so we’ll see how all of that goes.”

Will added: “The first plan is for Jessie to come to the farm and help me with lambing and then I think for us, it’s about just taking every day as it comes.”

Despite Jessie saying she’s set on moving to London, Will did say if he needed to, he would move to Aus for Jessie. “It would be unfair for me to rely on Jessie moving here,” he said.

Will and Jessie dumped from Love Island 2023

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Will wants animals at his wedding to Jessie, of course

He’s talking marriage! And obviously, farmer Will wants animals at his big day. “Having animals at the wedding would be a beautiful, beautiful thing,” he said. “The two pigs walking down the aisle with the rings, spreading love. I think it would be a beautiful little thing to be honest. My dog RuPaul gets way too excited, she’d be running around trying to get tickles.”

Jessie wasn’t actually surprised she and Will were voted least compatible

Jessie and Will ultimately ended up being dumped as a result of being voted least compatible by their fellow Islanders, a decision Jessie says she wasn’t surprised by. She said: “For some reason it wasn’t that much of a surprise. Obviously, a bit devastating to go, but it’s so fine. We’ll cop it on the chin and we’re just so happy that we’ve left together.”

She added: “If people want to sit there and doubt our compatibility, that’s on them. We’re so happy and content with where we are. We don’t need other people’s validation. We’ve had an incredible journey. There’s no time to focus on the negatives, as long as we know how we feel. Honestly, we’re so happy.”

Will and Jessie dumped from Love Island 2023

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However Will has said it was a ‘cop out’ for the Islanders to vote for them

Will clearly isn’t as accepting as Jessie over the voting, as he described being voted as least compatible as a “cop out”. He added: “When we spoke to other Islanders in the villa about it, the only reason they seemed to give was distance. When you’re in the villa I don’t think it’s fair to base compatibility on travel and distance.”

Who do Will and Jessie think will win Love Island 2023?

When asked who will win Love Island 2023, Will and Jessie had similar opinions. Jessie said: “Tom and Samie, they are a genuine and beautiful couple. Or Sanam and Kai. It took Kai a while to find the right person, but when he did I felt like he was investing all of his time into Sanam. They work so beautifully.”

Will also said he wants Tom and Samie to win, and added: “They went through very similar things to me and Jessie. Being with Tom throughout the whole journey, we went through all of those emotions together and all of the steps and stages of winning our girls back. I just got so close to Tom and also to their relationship. I would say I was closest with their relationship than anyone else’s. I can see how real, loving and compatible they are and you grow with them.”

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