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Ekin-Su defends Georgia Steel’s behaviour on All Stars and says she’s being ‘attacked’

‘She’s just a girl and she has every right to try and find a connection’

In the last week or so of Love Island, Georgia Steel has been at the centre of all the drama. Now, previous winner Ekin-Su has waded into to defend Georgia over what’s been going down in the Love Island: All Stars villa.

The drama all started when Georgia was coupled up with Callum, whilst also pulling Tom for chats. This upset Molly, who previously dated Callum for three and a half years, and is coupled up with Tom. The girls came to blows, and Georgia was called out for how she’d gone about things.

But then it all came to a heated over-boil, when Georgia and Toby coupled up in a shock recoupling. Everyone said Callum, who was coupled up with Georgia, and Arabella, who was coupled up with Toby, had been completely blindsided and again, Molly was caught up in the drama of Georgia being “confused” over who she wanted.

This has continued to bubble on in the villa, with more and more tensions every day, as Toby and Georgia continue to crack on. Georgia Steel has been called “a snake” and “sneaky” by viewers, for appearing to secretly flirt with multiple men.

Ekin-Su defends Georgia Steel on Love Island: All Stars

via ITV

Previous winner Ekin-Su has defended Georgia and said she isn’t a snake at all, and is just doing what single people in the outside world do. Speaking with Spin Genie, she said she’s not met Georgia before, but thinks “she’s a beautiful girl and she’s really blossomed since she was first on the show.” Ekin added: “I think she’s had some filler dissolved and I really love her natural look.”

Speaking about what’s been said about Georgia over her appearance on Love Island: All Stars, Ekin-Su said: “She’s not sneaky or a snake. I don’t agree with any trolling towards a person on a show. In real life, you do talk to multiple people when you’re single and you’re not always sure about someone after a week.

“You keep your options open and you don’t put your eggs in one basket too soon. Girls are vulnerable, especially these days as they don’t want to get hurt when it comes to dating. She’s just a girl and she has every right to try and find a connection. People have different ways of figuring connections out and that’s just her way.”

When asked about Georgia being “defensive” and not accepting when she’s in the wrong, Ekin-Su added: “She may feel attacked. When people are putting you in an uncomfortable position, you do feel that way and it’s not nice. I experienced it during my time in the villa when people were attacking and questioning my behaviour and you have to stick up for yourself. In my season, I stood up for myself and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

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